Real Housewives star Angela Stone opens up about body confidence

A bitter feud hasn’t taken the shine off the reality gal’s exciting new venture

Angela Stone

Beaming as she bares her curves in a tight and bright one-piece, Angela Stone is the picture of confidence. It’s a far cry from the teary-eyed stylist we met early on in The Real Housewives of Auckland, who butted heads with co-star Michelle Blanchard when she taunted her about being a plus-size model in the explosive premiere episode.

While the buxom brunette confesses she was caught off guard by the British housewife’s snide remark, the 44-year-old laughs off suggestions the outburst has shaken her self-esteem. In fact, Angela insists Michelle’s rude remarks are a reflection of the leggy model’s own body insecurities.

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“Michelle has made a number of comments about my body throughout the show,” explains Angela. “At one point, I had to ask her if she was a lesbian because I thought, ‘She talks so much about my body, she might like to touch it.’

“I’m not some plastic fantastic – I’m taller than everybody, I have real boobs, a real butt and no hair extensions. I think the other women are challenged by me. Michelle is trying to bring me down and when someone attacks somebody else, that comes from their own lack of self-love. In Michelle’s case, I think she’d probably want to have a better body herself.”

But there’s no such self-doubt plaguing mother-of-five Angela, who split from her hubby, a Christchurch solicitor, 11 years ago. And as she flaunts her sexy size 10-12 figure in a swimwear shoot to hit back at Michelle’s nasty comments, the proof is in the pudding. “Take a good look, Michelle!” says Angela. “I’m comfortable to put myself in a swimsuit.

"Don’t bother projecting your insecurities on to a woman who looks like a woman. Maybe have a good look in the mirror and work out why you are so unhappy with yourself.

“As a stylist, I work in the business of empowerment and help ladies look amazing all day every day. I always teach my clients and my children the mantra I live by, ‘Work from the inside out,’ because when you feel great on the inside, you feel fabulous on the outside.

“That’s why I enjoy eating well, exercising and meditating because I love the way those things make me feel. I’ve never let my body define who I am. My body is only my vehicle but in my modelling career, it’s a vehicle that’s made me a lot of money.”

And with the ink still drying on a new international modelling contract, Angela is set to make a whole lot more. Indeed, the fashion designer and author of The Style Guide is over the moon to tell Woman’s Day she has just signed with Giant Model Management in Australia. “And it’s not for giants,” she quips.

“It’s rather that the agency is so big. They can see my potential for modelling contracts and ambassador roles. I am a model and what’s Michelle? Well, she’s a has-been.”

Tension between the duo traces back to the first day of casting, tells Angela, when she accidentally offended her rival by asking what her name was. “She looked at me as if surely I should know who she was. Basically, I’m marshmallow and Michelle’s steel – we are just different people.”

But if Angela seemed timid about the situation before, Bravo TV’s emboldened reality star is ready to stand up to Michelle, the woman she calls a “school-yard bully”.

“What gives Michelle the right to make a judgment about someone else’s appearance?” demands Angela. “To refer to someone’s size is immature and nasty. We are all women, we’ve all had babies. Don’t we accept people for whatever size, colour or race they are? Don’t we celebrate uniqueness insteadof victimising people for being different?

“Well, I’ve grown some big, sparkly, shiny horns and I’m not going to put up with any negativity or nastiness. Women are meant to hold other women in high regard and lift each other up. So my message is to stop being so judgmental, stop pulling your sisters down and celebrate your friends, regardless of their age, size, colour or what they are in to.”

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