Ally Thompson's exit from The Bachelor Winter Games is all sorts of weird

Poor Ally is "so embarrassed" after nerves got the better of her and she vomited on air.

The Bachelor Winter Games has just aired the third of four episodes in the United States. And with no hope of the series coming to New Zealand any time soon, we've been having to resort to online updates.
Poor Ally Thompson, unlucky in love from the third season of The Bachelor NZ, has been making a few ripples Stateside. But not in a good way. She vomited on air. And cameras caught every detail.
24-year-old Ally, along with Jordan Mauger and Lily McManus, made up the Kiwi contingent in the first international spinoff of its kind.
Ally's face couldn't contain her discomfort.
The four part series involves contestants competing in winter games type events in order to receive date cards.
Forgoing the traditional rose ceremony, in this episode contestants had to kiss for their place in the competition, all under the watchful eyes of former Bachelor contestants, now judges.
Watching other contestants 'make out', cameras cut to Ally who said to her partner Josiah Graham "I've got to go to the bathroom. I'm going to be sick." She then proceeded to run off to the toilets, where cameras of course followed.
The kiss that sent Ally and Josiah home.
When Josiah came to comfort her, she apologised and said she was "so embarrassed!"
Ally soldiered on, and after brushing her teeth, she and Josiah mounted a valiant effort. But it wasn't enough, and the pair were sent home.
In Ally's tearful exit interview, she said "I really wish I had found love here. Josiah ticks all the boxes - on paper he's pretty much perfect. I wish we had that spark but we just couldn't force it."
Fellow Kiwis Jordan Mauger and Lily McManus remain in the competition.