A day in the life of 800 words star Cian Elyse White

The Kiwi actress gives us the lowdown on her life and loves.

Rotorua-born 800 Words star Cian Elyse White answers some questions for NEXT magazine
My typical day…
Every day is different for me! I live the life of a gypsy. Just yesterday, I flew into Wellington from Rotorua for several meetings, boarded a plane to Auckland for another meeting, then will fly straight back to Rotorua for another meeting. Then I’m in America for two months. Routine is important; I like to start my day with a black tea, I follow a ketogenic diet (low carbs, low sugar, high fats).
I spend a lot of time negotiating contracts and creating projects for my new company, so evenings are consumed by signing off emails and chilling with my laptop and Netflix. Just finished watching Atypical, which was recommended to me by my 800 Words cast mate, Erik Thomson! Luckily, my cast mates from 800 Words are some of my best friends.
Cian Elyse White, 800 Words
Most of my time is taken up by…
Producing theatre, writing theatre and films, dreaming about the sun, running my Maori production company Waitı Productions, training at Discipline [gym] in Auckland or with Willie Ripia at his home CrossFit gym and filming on 800 Words.
I spent some time in...
Athens and Aegina and fell in love with them.
City I'd love to live in
New York
The movie I’ve watched the most in my life...
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
My advice to my younger self is...
Surround yourself with good people and always, ALWAYS say yes to the in-flight cookie!
If I could live off one food it would be...
Mum’s homemade vegetable soup. I’ve attempted it many a time but alas, not mastered it YET!
The song that always makes me want to dance is...
September by Earth Wind and Fire
Life-changing book
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
My last supper meal would be...
A banquet of my mum’s signature dishes and a Georgie pie.
If I were a billionaire, I’d…
Sort out this homelessness and child poverty situation in NZ! If South Auckland marae can band together on donations and make a difference, everyone else with all of their resources should have stepped up yesterday!

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