A new poll has revealed who the most popular members of the royal family are in the UK

How did your favourite royal fare?

A new survey has revealed just how popular members of the British royal family are with the general public in the UK.
According to Express, the 2019 Opinium Monarchy Tracker survey asked more than 2000 adults in the UK how positively they viewed members of the royal family, with some surprising results.
Queen Elizabeth II herself came out on top as the most popular female royal, with a 70 per cent approval rating, closely followed by her grand-daughter-in-law and future Queen Consort, Duchess Catherine, just eight per cent behind.
Duchess Kate and The Queen were the two most popular female royals. (Image: Getty)
Meanwhile, despite Duchess Meghan's popularity on Instagram and the waves of excitement and anticipation surrounding baby Archie's birth, surprisingly positive views of the new mum were at just 39 per cent, just beating Duchess Camilla, who had an approval rating of 24 per cent.
And how did the royal brothers fare? Prince William proved to be the most popular royal, with 74 per cent of the public approving of him, while Prince Harry was liked by 70 per cent.
The new results show quite a departure from the survey conducted by YouGov in 2018, which saw Prince Harry take top spot with a solid 77 per cent.
While last year Prince Harry took the top spot as the most popular royal, his older brother and future King has taken the crown from him this year, as the most popular royal of the family. (Image: Getty)
The 2019 survey participants were also asked whether they agreed with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to keep details around the birth of their first child private, with 65 per cent of people agreeing, it was a beneficial thing to do.
When asked if they thought the couple had an important role to play, particularly with their work with their charities, 74 per cent of the public agreed that they did.
The survey participants were generally in agreement that Meghan and Harry's decision to keep Archie's birth out of the public eye was the right one. (Image: Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)
Overall, support for the British monarchy was 63 per cent, with Priya Minhas at Opinium saying: "As British politics remains turbulent and its place in Europe uncertain, it's good to see support for a longstanding British institution."