The UK is reconsidering the flag-flying policy ahead of Prince Andrew's birthday

The Queen’s second son, who recently stepped back from royal duties, celebrates his 60th birthday on February 19.

The United Kingdom has re-examined the flag-flying policy ahead of the Duke of York's 60th birthday, it has been revealed.
Prince Andrew is one of ten members of the Royal Family whose birthdays have usually been marked by the flying of the Union Jack flag on government buildings, but this year the Government have decided they will not fly the flag, following criticism after a reminder was sent out to town halls across the country earlier this week, The Telegraph reports.
The email, which is customarily sent ahead of each senior Royal Family member's birthday, was received with disapproval from critics, warning it would be "inappropriate" in the wake of the Prince's involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.
The Government have advised local councils they are not required to fly the flag to mark Prince Andrew's birthday, as he is no longer a working royal, following his announcement he was stepping back in November last year.
A spokesperson for the Government added that they were working with the Royal Household to consider how the flag-flying policy could be applied in changing circumstances, "such as when a member of the Royal Family steps back from public duties" - this could mean a similar approach could be applied to the Sussexes' birthdays.
The UK Government has chosen not to fly the Union Jack to mark Prince Andrew's birthday later this month, following his links to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and no longer being a working royal. (Image: Getty)
Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson vowed that the Liverpool Council would not mark Prince Andrew's 60th birthday, saying: "No, we won't be doing that. I don't think it would be appropriate.
"This isn't to do with being anti-royal, we have flown the flag for the Queen before. But Prince Andrew isn't a major royal, he's not a significant member of the Royal Family."
Adding, "When you look at his behaviour – it wouldn't be appropriate for us to mark his birthday."
Prince Andrew announced he was stepping back from royal duties in a statement released in November, following an interview he had elected to do with the BBC in the hopes it would quash public scrutiny surrounding his links to underage sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations (which he vehemently denied) he'd slept with an underage teen who had been trafficked by Epstein.
Instead, the interview backfired spectacularly, with the interview making him come across as arrogant, self-centred and disconnected.
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Since stepping back, the Prince has, for the most part, stayed out of the public eye, however, the effects of the controversy surrounding him have affected more than just himself, reportedly having an impact on his eldest daughter Princess Beatrice's wedding plans.
The Princess was hoping to announce the date of her upcoming wedding to property investor Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi first thing this year, but following a new accusation aimed at her father by lawyers of some of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims, Beatrice has reportedly been forced to postpone the announcement date until things settle down.
However, according to a source who spoke to The Sun, the Queen has high hopes that her granddaughter's wedding will be the happy occasion that can bring the family back together.