Why Prince George will be taking up ballet at primary school next year

As well as history, geography and swimming Prince George will be taking up ballet classes.

As the British summer holidays draw to a close and a new term approaches, Prince George is preparing to start year one at Primary School. This academic year will be a little different for the five-year-old with his timetable now including a number of extra subjects alongside the reading, writing and basic maths he learned in reception.
Alongside his fellow pupils at St Thomas's Battersea - a £20,000 (roughly NZD$38,400) per year private school located four miles from the family's Kensington Palace home - Prince George will take on new subjects such as history and geography and activities like swimming and ballet classes.
The weekly 35 minute ballet class accompanied by a live pianist is designed to "develop students physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality, using a range of sounds and musical styles," the school's website explained.
In addition to the compulsory timetable of classes, the young royal will also have the opportunity to sign up for choir, learn a musical instrument, or do a drama class.
"Children in Year One become increasingly independent and confident and begin to relish the opportunity to tackle new challenges presented to them across the broad curriculum," head of lower school, Helen Haslem, wrote on the school's website.

Much like last year, when it comes to school lunches, Prince George will be spoilt for choice.
There's no packed lunch making for the Duke and Duchess as George's school offers a weekly changing seasonal menu designed by a dietitian.
With gluten free and vegan options at every meal time, dishes include lamb and apricot tagine, spinach and ricotta tortellini and beef meatballs in an Italian sauce.
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