The British Royal family reveal their most candid moments

We all knew that Prince George got his cheeky streak from the Queen...

Prince Charles had royal fans dropping their jaw when he was pictured giving his wife Duchess Camilla a very sweet smooch...
While this is something that has only been captured on film three times previously, the couple who've been married for 12 years are known to act like love-struct teens!
The heir to the throne was reunited with his Mrs in Singapore, and threw protocol aside to give his beloved an affectionate hello.
In fact, there's nothing more than we love when a royal decides to throw away their "keep calm and carry on" mantra - and show us how they're really feeling.
From The Queen to Duchess Catherine and little Prince George, we celebrate the best candid moments from the British Royal Family!
Many fans of the beloved royals will remember Princess Diana's vivacious love for life, with it often being captured on film. Whether she was in war-torn Africa or giving her kids a hug, the people's princess showed the world her true self.
And that openness has transcended into the next generation - with her children Prince William and Prince Harry carrying on her natural spirit.
William, now 35 and a father, often shows his tender side with wife Duchess Catherine and their two little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
While Harry can't help be one incredibly charming Prince (Lucky Meghan Markle!)
Scroll through the gallery to check out The British Royal Family's most candid moments!