You can't sit with us! Savannah Phillips pushes Prince George down a hill

Prince George's very cheeky cousin strikes again!

The royal family's recent day out at the polo has revealed more about the royal family than you could have imagined.
We got a glimpse of Prince George's impressive drawing skills. And now incredible new footage, which you can watch in the player above, has emerged of Prince George's older cousin Savannah Phillips back in action - and this time she's pushing the future King of England down a hill.
In the clip taken at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire, it shows Prince George trying to sit with cousins Savannah and Isla Phillips, and little sister Princess Charlotte. But he has little success as Savannah decides to give him a big push south.
The four-year-old looks aghast as he tumbles down the hill, holding onto his drawing.
These two have such a fun bond.
Kate comforts a weeping Prince George.
This could also be the reason we saw Prince George shedding a few tears as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge comforts him.
Savannah's mum, Autumn Phillips, quickly intervened and told her daughter off for her behaviour.
Going, going, gone: George tumbles down the hill.
On Saturday, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Savannah had stolen the show during their appearance on the balcony of Buckigham Palace for the annual Trooping the Colour Parade.
In a now-viral moment, during the national anthem Savannah had cupped her hand over George's mouth in an effort to get him to be quiet.
In the image below we can see that Prince William was none too impressed with Savannah when she did this.
Prince William was none too impressed with Savannah when she did this, but fans loved watching the royal kids just be kids.
As the oldest of The Queen's great-grandchildren, it's clear that Savannah is a hit with the younger kids.
Because Savannah's father Peter Phillips doesn't have an official royal title, neither does she or her younger sister, but the family are still very close to their royal relatives.