Royal Family release rare footage of Prince Charles and The Queen

To commemorate Mother’s Day in the UK, Clarence House have shared extremely rare footage of a baby Prince Charles playing with his mum, Queen Elizabeth.
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To the untrained eye, it looks like any parent doting on her son – a chubby-cheeked baby rolls about on the couch as his mum tickles him.

However, this touching black-and-white footage is in fact The Queen of England and the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, relaxing at Buckingham Palace in 1949.

At 23 years old, Princess Elizabeth utterly adored her son.

At the time, she was just 23 years old and went by the title Princess Elizabeth. Her Coronation would not be for another four years.

In another scene from the 50 second clip, Prince Charles is pictured as a toddler learning to walk on the palatial grounds of his London home.

“Today, we’re sharing this video of The Queen and The Prince of Wales having fun at home in 1949. Happy #MothersDay!” Clarence House explained via their official Twitter account over the weekend.

Too cute! In the rare footage, a chubby-cheeked Prince Charles is just learning to walk.

Indeed, the fascinating footage shows a much softer side to Her Majesty as she dotes on her oldest child.

The first time the video was shared with the public was back in 2008 during the Queen’s annual Christmas Day speech to mark Charles’ 60th birthday in November.

“Sixty years ago, he was baptised here in the music room at Buckingham Palace. As parents and grandparents, we feel great pride in seeing our family make their own unique contributions to society,” Queen Elizabeth remarked at the time.

Fingers crossed Wills and Kate share some home videos of George and Charlotte for Father’s Day!

Did you know the British Royal Family were reality stars back in the ’60s? Check out the remarkable footage from their amazing foray into television here!

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