Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell angers UK TV host over $30k fee

Comes as he vows: “I will never write another book about Diana.”

Following his explosive Sunday Night interview where he showcased new letters from Princess Diana, former royal butler Paul Burrell has appeared on UK TV show, This Morning.

He was there to talk about his upcoming wedding to partner Graham after coming out as gay.

However, it appears Burrell angered host Phillip Schofield who began questioning him over whether he’ll write another tell-all book or secure paid magazine deals.

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Paul with the late Princess Diana.
Paul with the late Princess Diana.

In the exchange, which you can watch above, Burrell is grilled by a sceptical-sounding Schofield who asks, “Is there coming to be another book? A magazine deal?”

While Burrell vows, “I will never write another book about Diana”, he won’t rule out a magazine deal as he “needs security” for the wedding now everyone knows where and when it is.

“Security wouldn’t be that expensive, would it? I mean, we paid you for this interview,” Schofield quips back.

Burrell hazards a guess that security would cost between 20,000 (GBP) and 30,000 (GBP) to which Phillip Schofield replies: “Nearly what we paid you!” suggesting Burrell got almost 20,000 pounds to appear on the show which is around $35,000 NUD.

“You don’t need to do a magazine deal – we bought your security!” Schofield concludes, as Burrell looks sheepish.

Since Diana's death in 1997, Paul has muddied his ties with the Royal Family after doing several explosive interviews about the late Princess.

In 2002, he was charged with theft over items of Princess Diana's property but the case was dropped.

During a stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2004, he labelled his one-time boss "lonely" and "desperate."

He also released a memoir in 2003 called A Royal Duty, which lifted the lid on life behind the palace gates.