A resurfaced video of Princess Diana scolding a cheeky young Prince Harry has delighted the internet

Prince Harry has always been known for being one of the cheekiest members of the Royal Family.

An old video of the late Princess of Wales telling off a young, cheeky Prince Harry has resurfaced and has delighted fans on social media.
The video, shared by a Duchess of Sussex fan account on Instagram, was a snippet taken from a documentary which aired on Channel 4 in the UK and PBS in the US in 2017 called Diana – Her Story and was seen as controversial as it featured private videos she'd recorded with her speech coach Peter Settelen in 1993 in a bid to conquer her shyness.
Prince Harry has always been known as one of the more cheeky members of the royal family. (Image: Getty)
In the snippet shared, Princess Diana can be seen being interviewed by her Settelen, who asks her whether she has recently met anyone who has touched her heart recently.
Immediately, in the background, a young Prince Harry (who would have been around eight or nine at the time) can be heard chiming in with a cheeky "me!"
Princess Diana keeps her composure and begins to reply when Harry can be heard off-camera again letting out a cute giggle, which clearly did not impress his mother who gave a stern "Harry, shush" before trying to continue her reply.
Unfortunately, it seems her youngest son had impeded on her train of thought though saying, "I can't even string my words together."
"Well, it's really hard. You've got two of the most impossible people sitting here with us," Settelen jokes.
To which Prince William can be heard in the background telling his younger brother: "Exactly. Harry, shush."
"Shush. Harry, sit down," Diana adds, as her eyes follow a walking Harry behind the camera.
"Just sit. Just sit," Diana says firmly.
Watch the full, adorable video above.
His older brother Prince William was there too to try rein in his jokester of a younger brother. (Image: Getty)
The video has since garnered thousands of comments, with royal fans delighted at seeing Prince Harry's sense of humour shining through at such a young age.
"It's wonderful to see even after experiencing a painful loss that he has a great sense of humour," one follower commented.
While another could relate to the late Princess joking, "This interview is every work from home momma trying to have a conference call 😆"
One follower wondered excitedly if it was a clue to what young Archie's personality may be like if he takes after his father, while another wrote: "He's always been the best. Love him so much."
The video of Princess Diana scolding Prince Harry has fans delighted. (Image: Getty)
Tragically, Prince Harry and Prince William lost their mother just four years later to a car accident, something that unsurprisingly affected them deeply, with both opening up on several occasions about how it has affected their mental health.
Nevertheless, the charitable work their mother championed and the boundaries she pushed have been huge influences on the work both her sons have chosen to pursue and promote in their own charity work and they continue to mention and honour her legacy.
Most recently Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan's royal tour of southern African saw Prince Harry follow in the footsteps of his mother when he visited a landmine site in Angola.
In 1997 Princess Diana made headlines when she walked through an active landmine site with HALO Trust as part of her work to eliminate landmines, and just over 20 years later Prince Harry visited the same site his mother did – now a thriving street which includes shops and schools - a testament to the importance and significance his late mother's work.
Like mother, like son, Prince Harry is continuing the work of his late mother Princess Diana. (Image: Getty)
Prince Harry's charity Sentebale, which he co-founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006, was also created in memory of his late mother.
The charity works to help vulnerable children in the African countries of Lesotho, Botswana and Malawi get the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The charity also works with local grassroots organisations to help children who have come from extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
In 1991 Princess Diana "moved mountains", in the words of Sir Elton John, by addressing the stigma surrounding people living with HIV/AIDS.
"She showed the world we could safely wrap our arms around AIDS patients, by shaking hands with a patient without gloves," he wrote on social media in 2016.