Princess Charlotte throws mini tantrum on the tarmac at Hamburg

Even royalty have to deal with the terrible twos!

As Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge closed this week’s tour to Poland and Germany, their littlest, Princess Charlotte, showed even royalty can be prone to having a moment.
The Princess's mini meltdown came as the family were making a last minute stop, before flying out of Germany, to visit an Airbus training facility in Hamburg.
Although, there were signs trouble was brewing - the wee one was spotted rubbing her eyes - the tiny princess seemed content enough to hold her mother’s hand as the family crossed the tarmac to take a look inside a helicopter.
The commotion broke soon after when the fourth in line to the throne made an attempt to take hold of some papers in her mother’s hand.
When Kate didn’t give in, the toddler - clearly quite tired - showed she was upset by stomping her tiny feet.
Taking a few moments to calm her youngest, the family set off again but Charlotte lost her balance and fell. Caring Kate stopped to console her daughter before quickly scooping her up into her arms.
It’s understood the special tour of the EC145 was an early birthday present to her brother George, who turns four today.
Although his sister might not have been as thrilled by the prospect of seeing the helicopters, which are the same as his father flies, close up, George was all smiles as he was given a special tour.
After the visit, the family boarded a private jet to fly home.
“Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! Goodbye Germany!," a message on the Kensington Palace Twitter account read. “We had an incredible time in Poland and Germany. Thank you to everyone who made the visit so special!"