Princess Beatrice's secret Instagram account has been revealed

Princess Beatrice's Instagram was exposed when a celebrity friend tagged her in a story.

Turns out Princess Eugenie isn't the only young royal to have an Instagram account.
Princess Beatrice, the eighth-in-line to the throne and wearer of outrageous hats, is also on social media and it was let slip by her famous friend, Karlie Kloss on her Instagram story.
The supermodel posted various reactions to her engagement from family and friends, and one such friend was none other than Her Royal Highness known on the social media site as @beayork.
The Instagram story that had the cat out of the bag.
Unfortunately, Beatrice's Instagram is set to private so we're unable to stalk her account like her sister's. However, famous followers of hers include supermodels Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne as well as little sis Eugenie and her mum, Sarah Ferguson.
The princess is also on Twitter and if you're keen to stalk, this one's a little more public if you search for @yorkiebea. On the account, she shares the details of the various charity organisations she supports and you're sure to see her mum and dad, Prince Andrew, on there too.
Just before her engagement to Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan was a keen Instagram user but was forced to delete all her social media accounts before she became a full-time royal. But because Beatrice and Eugenie aren't as top-tier as their cosuins William and Harry, they are given a little more freedom.
2018 is a big year for weddings for Princess Beatrice. Not only did she attend the fairytale nuptials of her cousin Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, but she also has her sister's wedding to Jack Brooksbank to look forward to as well and now Karlie Kloss's.
The princess goes by her nickname Bea on Insta.