Prince William and Duchess Catherine cook up a storm for young homeless people

Turns out the royals are dab hands in the kitchen.

From banana bread to spicy soup, the royals certainly know how to cook up a decent feast!
When Duchess Meghan made banana bread for locals in Dubbo back in October, mass hysteria ensued. Now Duchess Catherine and Prince William have followed suit by helping to cook up a storm for the homeless.
The parents-of-three stepped out in South Yorkshire on Wednesday to visit a charity for homeless young people named Centrepoint.
And while formalities are part and parcel to any royal engagement, the Prince and Duchess quickly looked at home as they got stuck into things helping staff prepare a feast in the kitchen.
Watch the royals play chef in the video above!
The royals got stuck into the kitchen as they cooked for guests at a charity for young homeless people. (Image: Getty)
With a red pepper and chorizo soup along with some sliced bread on the menu, Prince William and Duchess Catherine looked relaxed and at ease as they shared in friendly banter and joked with those at the engagement.
According to People, Kate, who looked stunning in a blue Eponine coat dress, was a slightly nervous bread slicer, telling onlookers: "Don't look at how evenly I cut it."
And as they sat down for their meal, the Duchess told guests "I think I cut some rather big slices." Not missing a beat, William humorously responded "Don't be put off by the size of Catherine's bread. They're enough to wedge the door."
Guests shared some amusing moments with the royals. (Image: Getty)
Kate doubted her bread slicing skills, but there was no harm done! (Image: Getty)
The Prince was all smiles as he joked with a women sitting next to him at the dinner table. Discussing the formal way to address royals, usually as 'Your Royal Highness', the Prince seemed amused by the formality.
According to Hello! the woman said William "just laughed about it. He said something about updating it. He was wonderful, easy to talk to."
We just love these two!
The kind-hearted couple left a lasting impression on guests. (Image: Getty)