Prince Harry told off by war veteran for casual appearance

Proof you’re never too royal for a good telling off.
Prince Harry forgets tie

Prince Harry forgets tie

Prince Harry found himself being scolded by D-day war veterans, after he turned up to meet them looking decidedly casual.

The 31-year-old prince, who attended Southwick House in Portsmouth to meet the war heroes, wore a navy suit jacket and trousers, with a white fitted shirt.

But one veteran in particular, Ivor Anderson, couldn’t resist poking fun at the prince, asking him “Where’s your bloody tie?” when introduced to the royal.

Harry admitted he was embarrassed at his attire when he turned up to meet the war heroes, but that he was told not to ahead of the event.

91-year-old Ivor, who parachuted into Normandy and helped liberate the first village, told the Mail: “I told him he should wear a bloody tie. I said I had a spare one, he said he couldn’t wear mine because he didn’t’ have his wings.”

Prince Harry met some of the heroes of D Day

Harry met the veterans at General Eisenhower’s base for the D-Day landings, which happened just across the channel. Following their meeting, the vets were taken out for dinner before a short crossing over to France to visit the landing spot.

D Day marked the start of the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6, 1944. During the course of one day, 156,000 British, American and Canadian troops landed on the coast of France to begin the liberation of the country from Nazi occupation.

And while no New Zealand military units as a whole took part in the D Day landings – individual Kiwis played their part in the liberation. Brigadier James Hargest, New Zealand’s official observer with the Allied forces, went ashore with the British 50th Division on D-Day, and radar specialist Ned Hitchcock landed on Omaha Beach on June 7.

It is still regarded as the largest scale seabourne invasion ever carried out.

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