Prince Harry has opened up about being a future father and it's seriously sweet

He’ll make an amazing dad!

Prince Harry has opened up about being a future father during a speech at the Commonwealth Youth Roundtable today in London, part of his new role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, which he took over from the Queen in 2018.
Speaking to youth from across the 53 Commonwealth countries, Harry reveals how preparing to be a father has made him "more passionate than ever" to help youth lead change to build a better world for future generations.

"As someone who is about to be a father, I am acutely aware of our shared responsibility to make this world more resilient and its inhabitants more accountable for the next generation," Harry says.
"The only way to see real progress is not by chance, it's by change. Let's get to work."
The Duke of Sussex also mentioned his trip to New Zealand last year saying it had been "incredibly humbling to see how young people like yourselves are creating innovative and clever solutions to the diverse challenges you face."
The 34-year-old continued by echoing similar themes from his older brother Prince William's talks with Sir David Attenborough at the World Economic Forum earlier this month, speaking about the world's need for urgent climate change action and sustainable development.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child this coming April with plans to move into their first family home, Frogmore Cottage, before the baby is born.
The home is currently undergoing extensive renovations, with Meghan enlisting the help of interior designer to the stars Vicky Charles who is said to be helping the royal couple create a vegan, eco-conscious and gender neutral nursery for their future child.
Duchess Meghan was also out attending an event today, her first visit to the National Theatre as patron.