Prince Harry has returned to the UK for his final string of engagements as a senior royal

The royal was spotted travelling by train to the capital of Scotland for a working summit in support of his environmental tourism initiative, Travalyst.

The Duke of Sussex has officially touched down in the UK, spotted travelling to Edinburgh, Scotland ahead of a working summit in support of his recently launched sustainable tourism initiative, Travalyst.
Fitting with the initiative's focus of sustainability, Harry travelled by train, arriving at Edinburgh Waverly railway station and dressed casually in jeans, a puffer jacket and a cap.
Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and nine-month-old Archie have for the most part been based on Vancouver Island, Canada since their shock announcement in January and Harry's summit in Edinburgh marks the first of his final string of engagements in the UK before he and Duchess Meghan officially step back from royal duties at the end of March.
Prince Harry has touched down in the UK looking relaxed as he heads to a working summit for one of his initiatives. (Image: Getty)
Harry helped launch Travalyst in September in collaboration with a number of significant travel and tourism giants at an event in Amsterdam.
The project sees Prince Harry partner with the likes of, CTrip, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor and Visa with the goal to change the impact of travel for good, by putting communities at the heart of the solution.
The name of the initiative comes from Harry and the partners viewing their role in sustainable travel as 'catalysts' to accelerate changes in travel, combined with the word 'travel' to become Travalyst.
Prince Harry launched his sustainable travel initiative in September 2019 in Amsterdam. (Image: Getty)
While Duchess Meghan and nine-month-old Archie did not travel to Scotland with Harry, the two will likely join him in London shortly, as Meghan undertakes several final engagements of her own.
Prince Harry is planned to attend a recording session in London on February 28 with US music icon Jon Bon Jovi to re-record his song Unbroken in support of this year's Invictus Games. The duo teased their collaboration in an Instagram post on @SussexRoyal last week.
Harry is also set to attend the Silverstone Experience opening with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton before he and Meghan attend the Endeavour Fund Awards on March 5 as well as the Mountbatten Music Festival on March 7.
The royal couple, who will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May, will also join members of the Royal Family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales, at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Commonwealth Day Service in 2019. (Image: Getty)
Last week it was confirmed Harry and Meghan would step back as senior members of the royal family at the end of March.
Along with no longer officially representing the Queen or the Commonwealth, Harry and Meghan will also lose the ability to use their 'HRH' styling and will forgo using the word 'Royal' from the end of March as part of their 'branding' which is currently Sussex Royal.
The couple's agreement that they reached with the Queen and the Palace will be reviewed in 12 months and in the interim Harry will keep his military and honorary military ranks, however, they will not be actively used.
The couple have shared they are in the process of creating a non-profit organisation with the plan to "develop a new way to effect change and complement the efforts made by so many excellent foundations globally".