Prince Harry retraced his late mother Princess Diana's footsteps at a landmine site in Angola

Harry visited the same site the iconic photographs of his late mother walking through a minefield were taken more than 20 years ago.

The Duke of Sussex is continuing in his late mother's footsteps, campaigning to eliminate landmines across the world, just like Princess Diana did before him.
In 1997 Princess Diana visited a minefield being cleared by the HALO Trust in Huambo, Angola and on the fifth day of his royal tour of Africa, Prince Harry re-visited the same site, which today is a vibrant, thriving street which includes shops and schools.
A tree, named the Diana Tree, marks the spot where Diana was famously photographed and Prince Harry was seen spending a quiet moment alone sitting underneath.
Prince Harry sits under the tree named Diana Tree, which marks the spot where Princess Diana was photographed, 22 years ago. (Image: Getty)
In an emotional speech at the site, Harry spoke of the significance of his late mother's work and the importance of de-mining efforts for the safety and prosperity of local communities.
"It has been emotional retracing my mother's steps along this street 22 years on, and to see the transformation that has taken place, from and unsafe and desolate place into a vibrant community of local businesses and colleges," Harry told the crowd, People reports.
"This is a wonderful example of how the UK partnership with Angola can address the issue of landmines, bringing prosperity to an area, creating jobs, helping people access education and healthcare, and making communities safer.
"The work of de-mining is dangerous, expensive and laborious, and I have the utmost admiration and respect for all who do this hazardous work and risk their lives in service of their community.
He added, "I am incredibly proud as I know my mother would've been, of the role that the United Kingdom has played in this transformation through funding and expertise brought by UK specialist organisations such as the HALO Trust and Mines Advisory Group."
Prince Harry walks down a street in Huambo, which 22 years ago was the active de-mining zone which his mother was famously photographed in. (Image: Getty)
Earlier in the day Harry, photographed in a protective vest and visor, visited a de-mining site in Dirico, Angola, to raise awareness of the danger and prevalence of landmines that still exist today.
Joining the HALO Trust, he remotely detonated a mine and spoke with locals to learn about how de-mining efforts were making a difference in their communities.
Like mother, like son, Prince Harry is continuing the work of his late mother Princess Diana. (Image: Getty)
As People reports, Harry also spoke about the importance of clearing landmines in the frame of conservation and humanitarianism saying, "This historic commitment is a key step forward for the movement to rid the world of mines and lay the foundation for a safe and just future for the next generation.
"Later today I will visit Huambo, to see the place where my mother walked through a minefield in 1997," Harry said.
"Once heavily mined, the second city of Angola is now safe. With the right international support, this land around us here can also be like Huambo – a landmine-free, diverse, dynamic, and thriving community, connected to and benefitting from all that it has to offer."

Sharing the visit on the @sussexroyal Instagram account, the Palace said "The Duke is humbled to be visiting a place and a community that was so special to his mother, and to recognise her tireless mission as an advocate for all those she felt needed her voice the most, even if the issue was not universally popular."
Adding, "Princess Diana's visit helped change the course of history, and directly led to the Convention against Anti-Personal Landmines, also known as the Ottawa Treaty.
"Today, with the support of @thehalotrust, Angola now has stated aim under the Treaty to be clear of known landmines by 2025. Despite great progress, 600 million people worldwide still live in fear of landmines every day."
Prince Harry walks through a minefield as he witnesses the work done by the Halo Trust in their de-mining efforts. (Image: Getty)
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are coming to the tail end of their 10 day tour of southern Africa, which has seen the couple take both joint and solo engagements across South Africa, Botswana and Angola, with Harry due to travel to Malawi tomorrow.
Meghan has stayed in South Africa with baby Archie – who we got a rare glimpse of last week – while Harry has been travelling to neighbouring countries. He will re-join his family in Johannesburg for the conclusion of the tour, with the royal family set to fly out of South Africa on Wednesday, October 2nd.