Prince Harry regrets not talking about Diana's death

The young royal has opened up in a candid new video about the death of his mother.

Prince Harry has spoken candidly about how he regrets not talking openly about the death of his mother, Princess Diana.
The honest revelations came as the young royal hosted a star-studded BBQ for the mental health charity, Heads Together, that he founded with brother William and sister-in-law Kate.
Harry was speaking to former English football star Rio Ferdinand, whose wife died suddenly last year, about the impact of the loss on his children, when he said; "I really regret not ever talking about it".
The 31-year-old, who was just 12 when his mother died in a car crash in Paris, also spoke about meeting with a young family who had also lost their mum.
"[The dad said] I want them to meet you, because they've started asking questions, like 'what's going to happen to us when we get older? We haven't got a mum'," Harry continued, before saying he was an example of someone who had been through that but was okay.
He later told BBC Breakfast that famous people are a good example of how we can appear tough while "inside there’s all sorts of stuff going on".
“You can be as tough as you want on the exterior, and you can be someone who never shows any emotion, but inside there’s all sorts of stuff going on.
"I think people in public roles are a very good way of showing that tough exterior but at other times may completely crumble.
"I think we need to accept that that’s the reality of life."