Prince Harry receives cutest marriage proposal ever

And his reaction totally destroyed us.
Prince Harry marriage proposal

Prince Harry marriage proposal

He’s one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, so it’s hardly surprising when Prince Harry is proposed to.

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And this week the royal was caught off guard at an event in Manchester – that was organised to encourage using sport to combat social challenges.

At the event was six-year-old Lottie, who took no time at all in falling for the prince’s charms.

“I want to marry you,” she told Harry. “I want to be a princess.”

And how did the dashing royal respond? With all the tact you’d expect from someone growing up in the public eye.

“You don’t want that – that’s too big an age gap. You’ve been reading too many books.”

Talk about destroying a young girl’s dreams in one fell swoop!

Harry ALSO played rugby with some of the kids at the programme, including 15-year-old Destiny Wong.

“He’s a really genuine and down to earth guy,” Destiny said OF THE YOUNG ROYAL.

“We were taught some tricks. He said, ‘You can do it. If I can do it, you can.’ He was really encouraging. He came here to promote the sport and done a good job because the turnout’s massive.

She continued: “You wouldn’t think a Prince would be like this. He doesn’t come across as a Prince. He’s too genuine. He was really encouraging with all the girls here. I would definitely play rugby again.”

VIDEO: Watch Prince Harry play touch RUGBY with kids

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