Prince Harry receives support from Prince Albert of Monaco: ‘Do what you have to do to ensure your privacy’

Monaco’s sovereign says he “sympathised” with Harry and Meghan and offered some words of advice.

Prince Albert of Monaco has spoken out in support of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex saying he "sympathised" with the couple's grievances with the media, revealing he even offered some personal advice to Prince Harry, during a chat in Japan earlier this month.
Speaking to People magazine, the reigning monarch of Monaco acknowledged the Sussexes' comments in a recent documentary along with the legal action they had taken against British newspaper the Mail on Sunday saying, "I completely understand his reasons."
Prince Albert of Monaco revealed he offered his support and a few words of advice to Prince Harry when they met recently in Japan. (Image: Getty)
Bumping into Prince Harry at the Rugby World Cup final in Japan earlier this month, Prince Albert told People he briefly met Harry in private saying he expressed "my support and my sympathy."
"He has said he feels 'bullied', and I can understand and sympathised with him over that," shares Prince Albert, who has had his fair share of media scrutiny himself.
He adds however that it wasn't a lengthy conversation on the topic, with the pair mainly chatting about environment-related issues and of course, the rugby, "but I sympathised with him saying, 'Just do what you have to do to ensure your privacy.'"
While Prince Albert says that "sometimes you just have to ignore it and move on. Sometimes you can ignore whoever is out there that's being too inquisitive or too hard on you."
The royal father-of-four maintains that "you have to protect your personal life, your family and their intimacy as much as possible, whenever possible. Especially when you're a public figure with appearances to attend.
"Of course, that's harder to do than to say.
"And it's especially difficult with the British press, which is so inquisitive, so harsh," the 61-year-old adds.
Prince Albert says he sympathises with Harry and Meghan, saying 'Just do what you have to do to ensure your privacy." (Image: Getty)
Prince Albert's comments follow the screening of ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which aired last month.
The documentary, which went behind-the-scenes of the couple's recent royal tour of southern Africa, also featured candid interviews with the couple, in which they admitted they were struggling with the pressure and media scrutiny behind closed doors.
When asked by presenter Tom Bradby whether it would be fair to say her life as part of the royal family has "really been a struggle," Meghan, taking a moment to compose herself after looking to be overcome with emotion replied simply, "Yes."
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It's not the first time Prince Albert has spoken about the Harry and Meghan.
In an interview with People in 2017, ahead of the news of their engagement, Prince Albert spoke of his admiration but also concern for the couple acknowledging that it was "pretty tough" to bring someone from outside of royal circles into the fold.
"Especially in the British royal family," Albert says, "which is scrutinised by the press as no one's been."
He also added at the time that "the couple seem to be having a good deal of success so far, but cautioned: "sooner or later, [the would] have to face the full onslaught."