Prince Harry jokes with veterans and makes a heartfelt speech during the Founder’s Day parade

“I stand before you to not only acknowledge the incredible contribution you have made to this nation but to acknowledge that you, my friends, are also seriously good fun to be around!”

On Thursday Prince Harry stepped out in uniform to pay his respects to all veterans.
Attending the annual Founder's Day Parade at the Royal Hospital Chelsea which also coincided with the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Duke of Sussex met with veterans, Chelsea Pensioners (the name given to the residents of the hospital) and gave a touching speech.
Founder's Day celebrates the opening of the Royal Hospital, which was opened in 1692 by King Charles II to provide care for retired soldiers.
Harry's emotional speech was a beautiful tribute to war heroes. (Image: Getty)
"Not only is today a prominent historical occasion, it is also a special day in the Royal Hospital calendar – bringing together families, old friends and the chance to make new ones," the Prince said in his speech.
Addressing the veterans at the parade, which included some who were involved in the Normandy Landings marked on D-Day, Harry added, "Now I stand here before you to not only acknowledge the incredible contribution you have made to this nation but to acknowledge that you, my friends, are so seriously good fun to be around.
"You will always stand out in your scarlet coats and white gloves, but to me, whether I see you at Westminster Abbey, The Flower Show, Twickenham Stadium, or the pub, I notice that you are always smiling.
"Don't ever underestimate the joy that you bring to everyone you meet," he continued.
"You represent something really quite special, you are special, and society will always recognise that.
"It is an important part of your legacy."

More than 300 Army veterans live at the Royal Hospital today, including those who served in Korea, the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and World War II.
The new dad was his usual jovial self while meeting veterans on the day, laughing and cracking jokes.
There's no doubt day would've been particularly close to Harry's heart, after having also served in the Armed Forces for ten years.
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Harry's older brother Prince William also commemorated D-Day, joining more than 20 veterans of the historic landings at a service at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
Speaking about the anniversary in an interview with BBC, the two princes' father, Prince Charles, said: "I always think of people all around this country whose relations took part in D-Day and will be thinking so much about their grandfathers, fathers or great-grandfathers.
"I've been lucky enough to know so many of these veterans over my lifetime."
Prince Charles and Camilla paid their respect to fallen soldiers. (Image: Getty)
He later added that the 75th anniversary was particularly poignant as it was probably "the last chance to pay everlasting respect to these remarkable people who wanted above all to do their duty."