The cheeky exchange between Harry and Meghan we weren’t supposed to see

It's not often you get to see the 'real' royals - but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prove you can still have fun even when sitting through boring engagements.
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Yet another reason why we love Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In their public appearance this week to mark Commonwealth Day – a big deal, considering it was Meghan’s first royal engagement with Her Majesty The Queen – they proved they’re not too royal to have a bit of fun.

It’s extremely rare that we get to see royals reveal too much of themselves. But Harry and Meghan have proved time and time again they’re not afraid to break the mould and push boundaries. And this latest engagement was no exception.

Meghan and Harry share a word before heading in to the event.

The incident in question took place at the Commonwealth Day church service at Westminster Abbey.

Former One Direction band member Liam Payne performed a cover of John Mayer’s ‘Waiting on the World to Change.’ Meghan can be seen politely nodding her head to the music while Harry, admittedly, looks a tad bored. But as Liam finished singing and fist-bumped his band-mates, the cameras cut back to Harry and Meghan.

Harry looked at Meghan and raised his eyebrows and smirked, which caused Meghan to dissolve into a fit of giggles and try and hide her laughter by looking down. But it didn’t go unnoticed and British media soon picked up on the exchange, saying the pair were caught “making fun” of the performance.

Harry gives Meghan the eye and she dissolves in a fit of giggles. But wait, is that Prince Andrew snoozing next to them?

Sources say that the Queen hasn’t been impressed with Harry and Meghan’s public displays of affection and has told Harry to tone it down.

“Being affectionate just comes naturally to Harry and Meghan, but it’s totally against royal protocol,” a palace insider revealed.

“The Queen isn’t thrilled about it at all, and word is she summoned Harry to the palace to remind him what’s expected of a royal. All the hand-holding just isn’t the royal way at all.”

No word yet on what the Queen makes of this latest incident. But we sincerely hope Harry doesn’t tone down his behaviour.

Never change, Harry. Never, ever change.

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