Prince George’s new school bans besties

The cute charmer will no doubt be a friend to everyone.

When Prince George starts school in September, he won’t be allowed to have a best friend.
The royal tot is enrolled at the prestigious south London primary school Thomas’s Battersea, located only a couple of kilometres from the family’s Kensington Palace apartment.
While the co-ed school will give the young prince – who turns four in July – a bigger taste of life outside the royal family confines, it comes with an unofficial no-bestie policy.
The first rule of the $10,030 a term school is to “be kind” which means making sure no child ends up with hurt feelings if they aren’t picked to be someone’s friend.
The delightful George currently goes currently goes to a nursery in Norfolk. His sister, Princess Charlotte, who turns two in May, will start nursery in the summer. Photo: Getty Images
The move to send the prince to the mixed-sex school is also a break in tradition for the family, as both George’s father, Prince William, and his grandfather Prince Charles, attended an all-boys school
The Daily Telegraph reports the school’s principal, Ben Thomas, has already let other parents know the prince will be among this year's new starters.
However, there wouldn’t be any bending of the no-besties rule as a result of prince’s attendance.
In a message to parents, the principal said: “The Duke and Duchess have made it clear that they do not wish Prince George’s attendance at Thomas’s to change its aims, values or ethos in any way.”
Given George’s charismatic personality, we don’t expect the third-in-line to the throne will have any problems making classroom pals.

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