Prince George's favourite movie

Could he get any cuter?

Prince George is fast becoming one of the most relatable members of the royal family. Not only does he reportedly not like going to school and has been caught opening his Christmas presents early, but he also shares a favourite film with thousands of other children – Disney’s animated adaptation of Hamlet, The Lion King.
The third-in-line to the throne’s favourite film was revealed by his father Prince William yesterday during a Charity Forum event. The question was put to him by a young interviewer, who wanted to know what Prince George liked watching on TV.
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It’s of course an incredibly appropriate choice, as the four-year-old will also one day be a king. Perhaps he can relate to the story of Simba’s coming-of-age from scrappy prince to mighty king, being guided by his adviser Zazu and learning important life lessons about courage and integrity along the way, or maybe he just likes the songs (who doesn’t?).
Apart from the Lion King, Prince George’s other favourite things to watch include the Lego movies and the TV show Octonauts on CBeebies, which follows Captain Barnacles and his crew on their animated underwater adventures. Frankly, we’re surprised that something about flying planes wasn’t in his top 3, but maybe that’s something Netflix can get commissioning now. (Speaking of which, the Queen's favourite TV show is reportedly The Crown, a Netflix hit).
Prince William revealed that he and Kate try to keep him from getting square-eyed, liming his TV time when they can, but it’s not easy: ‘Trying to keep him off the television is hard work,’ he said.
Royals, they're just like us, aren't they?
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