The priceless images of Prince George and Prince Charles that show the royal family gets bored too!

Two little boys, two generations apart, bored beyond belief!

We've all been there - bored beyond belief at events our parents have dragged us along to. But the difference between us and the royals is our 'please make it stop' kid faces don't end up on the internet going viral, as these two images of Prince George and Prince Charles have.
This week the royal family released an image of four-year-old Prince Charles, flanked by his grandmother and aunt, looking far from enchanted at an anniversary of his mother, the Queen's, coronation.
Could a child look more uninterested? It's not hard to imagine what the future king is thinking.
Yet fast forward 64 years and we have an almost identical image of Prince George at a very similar age, almost four, at Trooping the Colour in 2017.
They're even leaning on the same elbow!
Bored George at the Trooping of the Colours, 2017.
Royal fans were quick to pull out the image of George after the royal family released the image of Charles and the photos went viral.
What's even funnier is if you look more closely at the two, it's not only George and Charles who look like they've lost all focus.
In Charles' image both his grandmother, The Queen Mother, and his aunt, Princess Margaret, appear to be clutching the railing as if to ease the pain in their lower backs. Would you call that a grimace on the face of the Queen Mother? Princess Margaret looks on almost in despair.
Meanwhile in George's image you see a family being tested. Princess Charlotte appears to be playing up and her mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is telling her off. George can't believe how long this is dragging on for and his father, Prince William, is doing everything he can to hold in his irritation.
You can only imagine how relieved they were to get back behind the curtains after this event.
Yes, even the royals get bored and annoyed!