All the memorabilia you can shake a stick at for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding

We didn't realise we wanted any of this but, now we've seen it, we definitely do!

Who doesn't love a bit of commemorative memorabilia, especially when it's for a royal wedding... Something to cherish in the years ahead... show your grandchildren... bring out when your aunties pop round.
In the lead-up to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding all manner of commemorative items have surfaced, and while some of them you'll love - we didn't even know we wanted a tea towel until we saw these ones - others you'll give a swerve (the Harry and Meghan swimsuits are, ahem, interesting).
We've had a scout-around to see what you can buy for the occasion. Be prepared to be delighted.
Nothing says I love a royal wedding more than a tea towel. We don't see a lot of dish-drying happening with this tea towel though.
Or a commemorative plate for the tea and bickies.
And it wouldn't be a royal wedding without the bunting hung out for the big day.
For the more refined royalist who only buys the finest quality in the hope of creating an heirloom for future generations then the royal collection is a one stop shop for everything royal.
But if you are looking for something just that little bit different to celebrate the royal wedding how about some royal paper dolls or a Harry and Meghan colouring book.
Unfortunately, you have missed out on the one-of-a-kind Harry and Meghan Pez dispensers. Selling on eBay for a cool NZD$14,000.
Keen for a swim, anyone?
But don't worry you could still treat yourself to a nice new swimsuit - the placement of Harry's beard is something else. Or how about a little something for your fur Prince or Princess?
And with all this romance in the air and to avoid a baby boom in nine months' time don't forget to pack your Crown Jewels condoms.
Happy shopping everybody! Let the royal wedding shopping frenzy begin.