Meghan Markle’s last episode of Suits is here, and she’s finally walking down the aisle!

A two-hour finale will send the soon-to-be Royal and her on-screen fiancé off for good.

Meghan Markle is saying goodbye to her acting career in the most fitting way.
Ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry, the star has donned a white gown for her on-screen nuptials.
In the season seven finale of Suits' Meghan's and Patrick J Adams' characters Rachel Zane and Mike Ross will finally tie the knot, and the pictures are stunning!
A taste of what's to come, perhaps? Credit: USA Network
The on-screen couple finally tie the knot! Credit: USA Network
The two-hour special, which airs today in the States, sees the TV couple shift forward their wedding day after they receive Seattle-based job offers too good to refuse.
The highly-anticipated episode has been a long-time coming, with Meghan confirming her departure in November last year.
"I don't see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change," Meghan said in her announcement.
"I've ticked this box, and I feel very proud of the work I've done there, and now it's time to work with [Harry] as a team."
Mike and Rachel say "I do!" Credit: USA Network
It's the last time we'll see Meghan in an acting role, but perhaps not the last we'll hear of Rachel.
Speaking to Deadline, Suits creator Aaron Korsch says he wants their absence to feel as natural as possible.
"There's no doubt that the absence of Mike and Rachel will be played and referred to and talked about," he declares.
"In particular just think about Rachel, Robert Zane is her father, right?
"Obviously our character will be aware of their absence and we will try to have them talk about them as they would in real life."
There even seems to be love blossoming among other characters! Credit: USA Network
As for her co-star Patrick, Aaron reveals the door has been left open for Mike's return.
When Patrick left, he and I discussed it and decided we're both open to having Mike come back, 100 percent," he enthuses.
"I would love to have that happen!"
Aaron adds viewers will be glad Rachel and Mike go out on a high note.
"The whole thing was emotional, and I felt like we all went out on a real high note," he says.
"I feel like hopefully we went out on a high note creatively but I know we went out with great feelings towards each other personally at the end of the season."
The wedding looks beautiful. Credit: USA Network
Patrick himself has also farewelled fans in a short-but-sweet tweets that reads: "Tonight my last episode of #Suits ever is airing. Weird. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Thank you to everyone who turned an audition into 7 surreal years of my life. Hope you enjoy it. I know I have. Peace."
The departure of two main characters (both of whom starred in the show since its premiere) means season eight of Suits will be rejuvenated, Aaron reveals.
"The addition of Robert Zane and the dynamics that that does for all of our existing characters I feel like gives new life to the show," he says, adding Katherine Heigl's character is set to shake things up in the firm.
"I think it's a good thing."