Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are reportedly breaking from tradition again with their latest parenting decision

It’s not the first time the parents have broken from royal tradition, and probably won’t be the last.

By Anya Truong-George
From foregoing the post-birth photo call to opting to not give their child a royal title, it was clear from the start that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wouldn't be raising baby Archie like all the royal children that have come before him.
And now it's been reported that the couple will again break from tradition again, when it comes down to who they'll pick as Archie's nanny, with royal historian Victoria Howard claiming Prince Harry and Meghan will not follow in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's footsteps.
When asked by The Express whether Meghan and Harry would choose a Norland nanny like William and Kate, the historian replied, "No, definitely not," suggesting they would go for someone "non-traditional".
It was clear from the start Harry and Meghan wouldn't be raising little Archie like the royal children who had come before him. (Image: Getty)
The Cambridges' three children, Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, are all taken care of by Maria Borallo, an esteemed Norland nanny, usually identifiable by her unmissable brown Norland nanny uniform, who has her own private residence at Kensington Palace.
Norland nannies, sought after by the royals and the rich and famous, are trained at specialist childcare college Norland College.
Some of their impressive credentials include experience in self-defence, high-speed driving, and dealing with paparazzi.
Prince George and Princess Charlotte with their nanny Maria Borallo. (Image: Getty)
When asked who the couple would go for instead, the historian says, "I think they will look for someone who is obviously experienced, but that has more of a rounded attitude towards child rearing.
"I think they will look for things that will make them aware of mental health perhaps, encouraging creativity and for them to be themselves."
She adds: "So I definitely think it's going to be non-traditional, maybe someone that has been recommended by some of their Hollywood friends perhaps."
While there had been speculation that Meghan would want to opt for an American nanny, Victoria thinks that seems unlikely.
"It's a possibility, but I think the likelihood is they will be British just because they are based in Britain," she surmises.
Meghan and Harry are likely to go down the "non-traditional" route when finding a nanny for Archie, a royal historian claims. (Image: Getty)
Previous reports had suggested Meghan and Harry wanted to forego a nanny altogether, however with their busy schedules and regular travel once Meghan returns from maternity leave, it would be incredibly difficult to manage between just the two of them.
When the couple will be choosing their nanny of choice remains to be seen, however they'll likely have to pack their bags soon, as its been reported the family-of-three are likely to move to Africa in the coming year.
The reports emerged in late April, with new reports in May claiming the couple are planning a royal tour to the continent later this year as a warm-up for their extended stay in 2020.
The couple have in fact already paid a visit to the continent this year, undertaking a royal tour in Morocco in February, just months before baby Archie's birth.
If the Sussexes do head to Africa this year, baby Archie will become the youngest royal to undertake a royal tour, at just six-months-old.