Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's goals to highlight lesser known charities is working

It looks like the royal couple’s passion and efforts are truly paying off.

Since the launch of their Instagram account in April the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken to following a small number of different accounts every four weeks, who are associated with a particular theme or cause the couple have chosen to shed light on for that particular month.
They kicked off their first month in May with Mental Health Awareness month, and followed 16 organisations that were working to "promote mental wellbeing, mental fitness, body positivity, self-care, and the importance of human connection."
Since then the following months have included PRIDE month and climate change awareness month, but for the month of August they did something a little different, turning to their followers for submissions of accounts they follow who they believe are doing amazing and inspirational work within their community and beyond, titling the theme 'Forces for Change'.
Following the call-out @sussexroyal followed 15 accounts the following week, with a post explaining the couple wanted to use August to "highlight lesser known organisations and shine a light on those working hard behind the scenes that may not get the level of attention that they so rightly deserve."

Referring to the 15 accounts tagged in the post, the caption continues: "These accounts showcase those persevering at the grassroots level, connecting our global community through a shared lens of giving back and helping one another.
"We were so happy to learn about them and are now able to share them with you!"
And it seems Meghan and Harry's goal of raising awareness about these lesser known organisations are truly working, in a way that's positively benefiting those involved.
Since being one of the chosen accounts, Anne-Marie Tipper, co-founder of Rafiki Mwema has found herself and her colleagues catapulted into the spotlight, and being invited to take part in media interviews, to spread even more awareness about the work that they do, which she hopes will mean they can help more children.

A therapist from Berkshire, Anne-Marie travelled to an orphanage in Kenya in 2005 and found that children who had survived sexual and physical abuse were not receiving the support they needed in the orphanages.
With her background in therapy she set up Rafiki Mwema, which helped to create a therapeutic play centre for children to help them deal with trauma, along with a children's home, which now looks after 70 children.
Other accounts nominated and chosen by Meghan and Harry include Beecause, an organisation working to increasing the global bee population, Pawsitive Change Program, a program pairing shelter dogs with Calfornian prisons and Tiny Tickers, a charity working to improve early detection and diagnosis of heart defects in babies.

Speaking to Global Citizen, CEO of the UK-based Tiny Tickers Jon Arnold says they have seen a huge increase in social media activity within hours, as a result of being recognised by @sussexroyal.
"It was a wonderful surprise to have been chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as one of their 15 Forces for Change charities," he said.
"Already we've seen a tremendous increase in awareness of the charity, our work, and the CHD cause globally."
Earlier this month the couple marked International Youth Day, again shedding light on grassroots organisations, this time created by youth.
In a post shared to @sussexroyal they explain they hoped to shed light on a few change making young leaders of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust (QCT), an initiative that champions, funds and connects Commonwealth youth leaders.
"Not because they have to, but because they want to – a choice we all have in life," the caption reads.

Similarly last week Harry and Meghan also took the time to highlight another worthy program Luminary Bakery, an east London bakery which works to support and empower local women by providing job skills, career support, mentoring and coaching.
Accompanying a carousel of images, Meghan wrote about her experience visiting the bakery, where she witnessed and listened to how the program at the bakery had helped to reshape lives of so many women.

"They shared how they've rebuilt their lives following their challenging life experiences, and the significant role that Luminary Bakery has played in helping with their personal restoration."
Since sharing the post, followers have applauded Meghan for highlighting such a cause.
"Love the words of affirmation on the cupcakes 💓👏!," one follower wrote of one of the images shared.
"Great organisation helping so many vulnerable women. I'm glad the Duchess featured them in the Vogue issue 😍."
With August drawing to a close, it's likely we'll see a new batch of accounts followed by Harry and Meghan in September, but there's no doubt they will be just as deserving of much needed exposure and acknowledgement for the incredible work they do.