Revealed: These stunning earrings worn by Duchess Meghan in Fiji costs almost $1 million

Diamonds are a Duchess' best friend.

Duchess Meghan's wardrobe is, for the most part, an open book for fans and followers who revel in seeing, researching and often purchasing every item she wears.
In fact, the frenzy coined 'The Meghan Effect' is so real that if fans can't source something the Duchess wears... well, things can get a little bit tense.
That's why a certain pair of earrings worn by Meghan in late 2018 was the cause of frustration for loyal fans of the Duchess of Sussex.
These stunning unnamed earrings worn by Meghan in 2018 have left fans scratching their heads - until now. (Source: Getty)
You couldn't miss the stunning set, which are made entirely of diamonds and take the classic chandelier silhouette, with three long strands of diamonds falling from one diamond at the helm.
Meghan wore them on several occasions in 2018 - once during her royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji, and again for the birthday celebration of Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.
Meghan wore the stunning earrings for an evening soiree in Fiji during her royal tour. (Source: Getty)
Both occasions were important and heavily observed by fans the world over - so it's no secret these earrings would have been picked out very specifically.
Luckily for us, there are people who are dedicated enough to make it their mission in finding out where any unnamed royal accessories come from - and someone has officially solved this particular mystery.
Instagram user @shoplikemeghan revealed Meghan's diamond drop earrings are by Butani Jewellery, included in one of their 2016 collections.
The designer is nothing less than royal worthy, with a number of stunning hand crafted haute couture pieces which are often worn by other A-listers including Jennifer Lopez and even Michelle Obama.
But it's the price of the earrings, more than the designer itself that's really got people's heads spinning.

At the time Meghan wore them, Kensington Palace only said the earrings were 'borrowed', and now it seems like there was a good reason for it.
An expert revealed to Femail that the earrings could actually be worth almost NZD $1 million.
Yes, you read that right - gemologist Deborah Papas told the publication that given the heaviness of the diamond drops, they could easily be worth the eye-watering sum.
"These drops appear very heavy, almost pulling down the lobe, but sparkle beautifully even with the slightest turn of the head and are truly stunning. They could easily be worth £500,000 [NZ $958,137] or more," she revealed.
The Duchess' dazzling jewels really add a special sparkle to her look. (Source: Getty)
According to British etiquette expert William Hanson, the royal's choice of earrings were not a surprise given the events she attended.
"For grand events like state banquets and formal dinners, royalty usually wear more lavish, priceless jewellery," he told Femail.
"For less showy daytime events the 'bling' is often toned down to something more subtle and discrete, with the exception of any engagement or wedding rings."
And while the earrings themselves are enough to make us swoon, it's their apparent connection to Prince Harry that really got to us.
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It's widely known that Markle is a big jewellery fan, and plenty of her latest pieces hold close connections to the royal family.
While on her royal tour Down Under in October 2018, Meghan donned several pieces of jewellery belonging to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.
In Australia, the Duchess wore a pair of butterfly earrings that belonged to Princess Diana - a touching tribute to her new in-laws.
Princess Diana's much loved butterfly earrings have been passed onto Meghan. (Source: Getty)
Furthermore, while attending a soiree in Tonga, the Duchess also wore a striking diamond tennis bracelet, which was gifted to her by Prince Charles shortly before her wedding to Prince Harry.
Meghan paired the bracelet with another of Diana's stunning pieces for the occasion - her aquamarine diamond ring.
Meghan wore a stunning tennis bracelet gifted to her by Prince Charles alongside Princess Diana's stunning aquamarine ring. (Source: Getty)