Britain has voted for their favourite royals and the results aren't surprising

Did you pick the winner?

Let's face it, we all love to see what our favourite royals are up to.
From Prince George's cheeky escapades to Duchess Kate's latest recycled look, there's always something we revel in seeing.
But it looks like there's one royal that we love to follow more than any other, and his cheeky grin and affectionate nature are certainly contributing factors.
A new poll has found that none other than Prince Harry has taken the title of the most popular royal with the British public.
A solid 77 per cent of Britain have a positive opinion of Harry, while 74 per cent held the same opinion of the Queen, ringing her in second place. Meanwhile Prince William came in third at 73 per cent.
The YouGov survey described Harry as admirable, likeable, humorous, fun-loving and genuine, according to his fans.
Prince Harry has caught the hearts of people all over the world!
Meanwhile, those who didn't quite make the top five included Meghan, who came in sixth place, Prince Charles who came in seventh and Camilla who rounded out the tenth spot.
While Duchess Catherine came in before Meghan at fourth place, the new member to the royal fold still garnered a positive opinion of over half of Britain (55 per cent).
Markle has quickly risen in popularity following her wedding to Prince Harry in May. The pair's affectionate nature and their recent pregnancy announcement has certainly delighted royal fans, which would have improved Meghan's case greatly.
Meanwhile, the survey showed less than half of Britain (48 per cent) had a positive view of Prince Charles, who will ring in his 70th birthday this week.
This might come as a surprise given the royal's strong dedication to environmental causes and hard work ethic. However his wife Camilla, garnered a negative opinion of 36 per cent of the country according to the survey - guess you can't please them all!
Prince Charles and Camilla placed in the top 10, but didn't quite make the top five.