Doria Ragland: 11 facts to know about Duchess Meghan's mum

The Duchess' mother is a force to be reckoned with.

When cameras caught the look of pure happiness and pride on the face of Duchess Meghan's mother at her royal wedding to Prince Harry, it's safe to say our hearts melted.
From that point on, Doria Ragland became known as our Queen of Hearts.
There's no mistaking the 62-year-old for the powerhouse she is: just look at how incredibly poised and caring her only daughter Meghan is - that kind of person can only have been raised by the best.
The mother and daughter duo have certainly already left a strong impression on the royal family. Earlier in September, Doria attended the launch of Meghan's charity cookbook at Kensington Palace - an unprecedented move given non-royal family members traditionally don't join royals on official engagements.
Aside from testing royal rules, the moment alone is enough to realise just how much Doria means to Meghan.
Now, rumours are circulating that the royal mum might be moving to London to be closer to her daughter, and how could we blame her?
Ragland has clearly been an incredible pillar of strength, stability and support to Duchess Meghan, and it's entirely understandable she would want to be by her daughter's side as she embarks on this new royal chapter.
In light of this, we decided to explore who the new Duchess's inspiring mother is, what she stands for and how she has got to where she is.
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