A look back at Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana Spencer before they became royalty

We barely remembered what they looked like before they had their royal makeovers - what transformations!

By Bronte Chaperon
Can you recall a moment when Duchess Catherine hasn't looked impossibly regal and polished? Or a time when Meghan Markle wasn't adorably reaching to hold hands with Prince Harry? And when you think of Princess Diana, do you remember the controversial time she wore (and rocked) a little black dress?
We tend to focus a lot of our attention on the seemingly perfect lives of the royal family, particularly its newest members. We carefully observe how they adjust to royal life and what they wear, often forgetting that those who marry into the royal family had lives before they became royalty. New duchesses and princesses, while beautiful and elegant, would've left behind very fun and fulfilling lives to marry their princes.
Meghan Markle, Diana Spencer and Kate Middleton may have needed to sacrifice their personal style, privacy, careers, hobbies, social media accounts (Meghan, we're looking at you!) and ability to voice their opinions publicly - all the little things we take for granted.
To celebrate the smart, funny and savvy women behind their polite royal appearances, Now To Love is taking a look back at the pre-royal lives of three wonderfully strong women - including the late Princess Diana, who was an inspiration to many.
Scroll through our gallery of the best pre-royal photos of Diana Spencer, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.