What Kiwi actor and stunt woman Zoë Bell would stop people on the street for

Five surprising facts about the action queen.

Zoë Bell has become one of New Zealand's most successful Hollywood stars. She has stunt doubled for Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone and Lucy Lawless, and most recently Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok.
Now also known as an actress, she is a great friend of acclaimed film maker Quentin Tarantino and starred in his blockbuster The Hateful Eight. Her latest role has seen her directing for the first time, for an ad campaign and short film, Apocalypse Steve Hansen, for cookie company Arnott’s.
We grabbed five minutes with Zoë to ask her five questions:
Best advice from your mum:
I was always interrupting my mum as a child and I remember being in the car with her and seeing a rainbow and I interrupted her to show her. She said, “It’s okay if you interrupt for beauty and it’s fleeting” - as in, if it’s something beautiful and you might miss it if you don’t interrupt, then it’s okay.
It's okay to interrupt if it's to point out something beautiful and fleeting. - Zoë Bell
Favourite ice cream flavour:
I’m an orange chocolate chip girl
Makes you happy:
Being around my loved ones
Orange choc chip is Zoë's favourite flavour.
Current obsession:
It’s more of a lifelong obsession – I have always been obsessed with perfumes, scents and smells. You could say that Molecule from MECCA is my obsession. I stop people on the street who are wearing that.
Pet peeve:
And there you go.