Stan Walker’s Hollywood gig

After taking a break from films to focus on his family and music, new dad Stan Walker is returning to cinemas with a role that could break him into the States!

The Hunt For The Wilderpeople actor and Australian Idol winner has been cast in an upcoming heist movie, which will be shot in Aotearoa but will also feature “some stellar Hollywood acting talent”, according to Kiwi producer Alex Beingan, who hints at some very famous names.

The family man will be soaring to new heights!

Stan, 32, tells Woman’s Day, “I love making films as much as watching them. Once my last studio album, All In, was released, I started to think more about returning to film as an actor and composer, as the music in movie sound-tracks can often make or break a scene.

“The heist movie script is fantastic and such a fast-paced adventure, and it immediately said to me that the soundtrack will be rooted in rock and hip-hop, and be a big commercial pop record – plus I get to play a badass character, which really appeals to me!”

The untitled film was inspired by the local reality series The Circus, now screening on Bravo, which follows the globetrotting Kiwi performers of the Weber Bros Circus.

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