Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight Australia's Seb defends Liz's mum after she gives him grilling from hell

It's always best to stay on side with the mother-in-law!

We've all endured awkward meals with partners' parents - best endured through gritted teeth so we can make a hasty exit.
But there are grillings and then there are absolute roastings.
And when Married At First Sight Australia groom Seb went to lunch with TV wife Liz's family this week during brides' home visit week he got an absolute roasting from Liz's mum, Gillian.
The questions began almost as soon as everyone was seated.
Are you family-oriented?, the former AFL player was asked. Yes, he sees his family once a month. Gillian said that was not enough.
What do you do?, he was asked. Seb is studying but he didn't finish the original degree he started. Gillian said that was not good enough.
What do you do for a job? he was asked. Seb is a personal trainer and construction worker. But Gillian wanted to get down to the nitty gritty. How much does that pay? And do you have a savings plan? Why not?
Seb didn't leave lunch with Gillian's seal of approval but in true Seb style, he's harbouring no hard feelings.
While he admitted "it was a bit full-on" he reckons it only showed that Gillian cares.
Liz and Seb are MAFS fan favourites so viewers didn't take kindly to Gillian's treatment, telling her exactly what they thought of her on social media.
But Seb jumped to her defense, telling Now To Love Australia, "Gillian's great.
"Naturally a mother needs to be protective and I expected that questioning because it shows care, really.
"You don't want your daughter going back into the lion's den you know? What better way than the round table and getting the real questioning from all angles? It was intense at the time but I expected it."
He added: "If there were no real questions being asked, then wouldn't you think to yourself do you really care what happens?"
Seb shared similar comments to Instagram, uploading an image of himself drinking during the family meal and captioning it: "Haha the battle for acceptance begins and I really needed this to withstand the family's artillery strike...
"But I knew they were coming from a good place and it's nice to finish off the home stay with a giggle."
He might have giggled but even Liz admitted she had found lunch "challenging".
"My parents, their opinion means so much to me. But sometimes my mum worries and over protects and over analyses things too much. I'm still my own person."
It sounds like Liz will definitely take into account her mum's opinion, but she'll be making up her own mind on this one.