Married at First Sight

MAFS' Jessika Power and Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins are rumoured to be dating

Two of the most vilified people on reality TV. Makes sense.

Jessika Power's romance with Daniel Webb on Married at First Sight Australia crashed and burned in the most spectacular way possible.
After the world's most awkward live-on-air fight following the explosive finale episode, the controversial couple decided to go their separate ways. Then came rumours she'd cheated on Dan with season five participant Telv Williams.
Despite the heartache following her very public break-up, Jess hasn't given up on love. In fact, she recently revealed that what she wants in a partner is pretty simple. "Someone who makes me laugh. Looks wise, [nice] eyes and good teeth… that's all I really look for," she says.
Now, NW magazine has reported that she might have found that - in Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins.
Could Jess and The Honeybadger be a match made in reality TV heaven?
A source close to Jess has told the magazine she and the ex Wallabies player are in the early stages of a hot new romance.
For those of you who don't remember him, Nick became public enemy number one when he starred as Australia's Bachelor last year and failed to pick anyone in the finale.
He didn't help matters by disappearing to a remote part of Papua New Guinea as the final episode aired, then returning home to a media storm and telling everyone to "get over it."
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Just when it looked like all of the drama had died down, Nick was forced to defend himself again last month when former Bachelor contestant Brooke Blurton, who made it to the final three, revealed she decided to leave the show after Nick told her he wasn't going to choose anyone.
Nick is in good company with Jess, who was the centre of most of the controversy on Married at First Sight thanks to her husband-swapping antics. So how did the controversial pair first meet?
"Jess started following Nick on Instagram way back when he was on The Bachelor," NW's source says. "Word is she slid into his DMs after things fizzled with Dan and they've arranged to meet up. She wasn't exactly subtle.
"She thinks he's really, really hot and let him know it. He's got such a great body. He's big and muscly – which we all know is what Jess loves."
"They're the perfect couple if you ask me," the source continued. "They both don't take themselves too seriously and love having a laugh."
27-year-old Jess, who recently admitted to having $26,000 worth of plastic surgery since her break-up with Dan, has previously revealed she has a soft spot for Nick.
All but letting the cat out of the bag, Jess told NW magazine earlier this month that he would be the Aussie celebrity she'd most want to be set up on blind date with.
"I find him so funny, so witty, so hilarious," she gushed. "I love his Aussie slang and piss myself laughing when he talks."
Things went from bad to worse with Jess and Dan after Jess' lies were revealed in the finale episode.
Don't expect the pair to be debuting their romance any time soon, however. Jess has been burned after her romance with Dan went south and she's keen to take a more cautious approach this time.
"Jess and Nick are keeping things on the down low for now," the insider told NW. "Jess thought her future was with Dan, but look how that turned out.
"She doesn't want to make the same mistake twice by rushing things with Nick. They're having fun."
Seems it's very much a case of watch this space.