Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Cam and Jules dish the details on their upcoming wedding

The too-cute-for-words couple are even more excited second time around.

As far as reality TV success stories go, Married at First Sight Australia's Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson are right up there with our very own Bachelor lovebirds Art Green and Matilda Rice.
Let's face it - the odds are very much stacked against finding love on a reality show - and Married at First Sight's poor track record can attest to that. So when it does work out against all odds, well, we need to celebrate that.
And celebrate we did, when in a MAFS Australia first, Cam got down on one knee and proposed to Jules at the vow renewal ceremony. They'd already had a fairytail wedding the first time around, but now they were going to make it legal.
But the question is, how have they been getting on since then? And how close are they to pulling it all off considering they vowed to make it all happen by the end of the year? Surprisingly, seeing as we're already halfway through the year, not that close at all.
At Australian television's night of nights on Tuesday, the Logie Awards, Jules revealed to TV WEEK that wedding planning would start in earnest this week.
Despite organising a few details early on, she said she would "officially sit down and concentrate on the wedding" over the next few days.
"I need to knuckle down and sort it," she said. "I've planned my dress, but nothing else!"
When it comes to the dress, Jules wants a different style this time around. "I want a big Cinderella dress," she said. "Then I'll get a nice sexy dress to dance around in later - one that shows off my curves."
The loved-up pair also revealed they recently attended their first wedding fair, which turned out to be a surreal experience for them both.
"We were in the cab there and we were like, 'Oh my god. We're going to a wedding fair!'" Jules said.
"It made us realise we need to get a little more serious," Cam added. "Our first wedding was beautiful, but we had nothing to do with it – other than showing up!"
And like any good groom, Cam says he's leaving all the important decisions down to his bride. "I just say 'Yes!' Did I mention that this is what makes the relationship so successful?!" he laughed.
Jules' dress will be very different from the one she wore at her first 'wedding' to Cam.
When it comes to familiar faces at the ceremony, Jules is looking forward to having fellow MAFS alum Heidi Latcham and Melissa Lucarelli as her bridesmaids.
"My bridesmaids are the ones who've seen me through the heartache, held my hand through all the love and everything," Jules explained to TV WEEK.
"They had my back the whole time – great friends for life. No-one can really understand the MAFS experiment unless you've lived it."
When she announced in a heartfelt Instagram post back in April that she'd chosen Heidi and Melissa for the special roles, she touched on how much their support helped her through the show.
"Sometimes you meet people and you know instantly they will be in your life," she said.
"Thank you girls for having my back whilst in the experiment, I trusted you and you trusted me. We have shared the most unique experience together that you can't understand entirely unless you have lived it too.
"I look forward to having you by my side on my big day standing with other bridesmaids, marrying my best friend who I know you both love and adore too.
"Bridesmaids to me have seen it all, helped you, and watched you get to this point in your life and are 100% happy for you ! Thank you for being girlfriends!"