Married at First Sight

Meet the intruders! Married At First Sight Australia introduces four new brides and grooms

Four new brides and grooms are set to join the cast. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Spoiler alert: This story reveals the identities of brides and grooms who will appear in scenes which are yet to air in New Zealand.
The drama is about to ramp up on Married At First Sight Australia with two new couples joining the cast.
Four new 'intruders' will join the experiment next week. One of them is no surprise - Lizzie Sobinoff, who was unlucky in love on the reality show last year.
Lizzie is said to be partnered with former semi-pro AFL player Seb Guilhaus who has been single for eight years and looking to settle down.
The other two intruders comprise a dance teacher and a musician who founded a mental health charity.
In last year's season, the addition of intruders Billy and Susie and Tamara and Dan caused mayhem on the show.
Jessika, who was matched with Mick, quickly lost interest in finding a connection with her TV husband and set her sights on Dan. In a cheating scandal that rocked the show, the pair went on to ditch their respective partners and move in together.
Meanwhile Billy and Susie's marriage proved rocky at best with Billy calling Susie a bully.
Time will tell how dynmics play out with this seasons' intruders. With no further ado, let us introduce you...
Last year's intruders caused mayhem on the show.

Lizzie Sobinoff , 28

She's back! With a new look and ready for a second shot at love, Lizzie won viewers' hearts last season as they watched her brave response when her 'husband', Sam Ball, cheated on her with Ines.
While she's been dating since last year, she wants to find someone who appreciates her for her and not for her TV personality status.
Lizzie also debuted a complete body transformation, revealing not only a significant weight loss but also that her signature platinum blonde locks have been replaced with a sleek brunette do.
"Second time round it's different. I'm gonna get the love I deserve. This has to work this time!" Lizzie has aid, explaining her reasons for returning to the show.
Lizzie is believed to have been matched with retired AFL player Seb Guilhaus. We hope it's a case of second time lucky for Lizzie!

KC Osborne, 31

Having lived in LA and "lived the celebrity life without being a celebrity," KC reckons she is ready to swap the bright lights of Hollywood for a proper commitment.
The Sydney-based aspiring singer and actor moved to LA in 2010 in the hopes of launching a singing and acting career. While she signed a record deal with top forty hitmaker The Dream and in 2013 released the techno song Learn To Fly, it did not prove to be the big break she'd been looking for.
KC has a history with reality TV. In 2012 she was rumoured to be appearing in Channel 10's Jersey Shore-style show, The Shire but, in the end didn't appear in the show.
She now runs dance/self-love workshops, titled You Got This and has her own dance workshop.
WATCH: Speed dating with KC. Story continues below....

Seb Guilhaus, 30

Seb is a former AFL player-turned-personal trainer who describes himself as an eccentric Pisces and a try-hard comedian.
He's also an aspiring actor.
"I've tried working in pretty much most industries - banking, promotions, personal training, construction," he told the The Advertiser in 2018.
"The only thing that's been consistent has been my love of entertaining people and making people smile.
"I thought, "what encompasses all of that?" and I came up with acting."
At 6'6'' his height has always ensured he stands out in the crowd, but his MAFS profile discloses that Seb has been single for eight years and has only had one serious relationship. A "sensitive soul" and a "deep thinker", he's looking to connect with someone "on a deep level".

Drew Brauer, 31

Drew is a musician, actor and model from Cairns, Queensland.
Four years ago he was all set to marry his fiance but was left heartbroken when she called things off eight weeks before the wedding. Ouch.
The former electrician founded suicide prevention charity, Kick On, in 2017 and also performs as rapper-electronic artist Drewboy.