Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight Australia groom Mikey Pembroke has appeared in Home And Away and other TV shows

If he looks familiar, here's why.

If you've looked at Married at First Sight Australia groom Mikey and thought his face looks kind of familiar, it may be because it is.
It turns out the 29-year-old operations manager, who is married to Natasha Spencer on the show, is an aspiring actor who has appeared on Home And Away and other TV shows.
Mikey has revealed to TV WEEK that he has been an extra in Home And Away – and even had some lines.
His Summer Bay appearances were about eight years ago when he was age 20 or 21.
"They'd say, 'We need four or five people in the diner scene,' so you'd do that," he remembers.
He says there were times that he was asked to say "a few lines", including one occasion where he was in a hospital scene, in bed.
"There was a big argument between two people and I was supposed to say, 'Oh, hey guys, I'm the one that's sick,' or something like that."
Mikey pictured on Home and Away. Image: TV Week
Could Mikey have been the next big Home and Away star? Image: Channel Seven
Mikey had been hoping to join the cast of Home And Away on a more permanent basis but, to date, has only managed to score bit parts.
"When I was younger, that's what I wanted to do. I was like, 'That's the show that I want to be on.' But it never eventuated," he shared.

Mikey has also appeared in the game show Deal Or No Deal.
You can see him in the video, below, running on to set to show off a few dance moves before he begins the game.
His most significant acting role was in the ABC's 2017 mini series Friday On My Mind, which was based on the true story of the Australian rock band, The Easybeats.
Mikey was cast as Jigger, who was "a bit of a bully" to members of the band and was meant to appear in five episodes, but struck bad luck and only appeared in two.
He told TV Week, "I was supposed to be in about five episodes. But I play rugby and the filming was the week after, and on the Saturday, I lacerated some nerves in my face. My face blew up, so they couldn't use me for all the scenes, so I only ended up keeping one or two. It wasn't to be."
While his current job is as an operations manager for aged care company Homewood Care, he has also worked as a sales executive for a marketing company, and as a real estate agent for LJ Hooker in Sydney's well-to-do north shore suburb of Mosman.
Mikey has also had some experience working in the media - he was an integration coordinator at radio station Nova from 2012 to 2014.