Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight Australia's new season trailer is here and it's promising big things

But the real question is - can it live up to last season?

We're only just over the juggernaut of Married at First Sight Australia's last season - without a doubt its most controversial yet.
And that's even before we get into accusations that producers orchestrated some of the more jaw-dropping story-lines.
The makers of the show have got a lot to live up to for season seven. But judging by the trailer that has just been released for the 2020 instalment, they're promising big things.
Theme park ride or quest to find the love of your life?
We're not told much about the the hopeful brides and grooms. They're introduced by first name only, and looking at the trailer it seems producers have gone for the tried and true formula of a bunch of twenty-somethings and one token older couple.
But it seems that there's one thing the promo isn't telling us about the new couples - that there could, in fact, be a participant that we know very well.
Speculation is rife that last season's jilted bride, Elizabeth Sobinoff, has a part to play in the new season.
The rumour mill went into overdrive last month when Lizzie was seen arriving on set during filming, as well as appearing at a dinner party as an intruder bride, accompanied by her new "groom".
Producers are promising 'love will rise'.
Season six favourite Jules Robinson, who last week married her TV groom Cameron Merchant in real life, spoke out last month about the new season cast, saying producers had gone for "bullies".
Speaking to NW magazine, Jules said she had met a few of the new participants and feels producers have again opted for drama-making brides and grooms.
While Jules understands the show needs "spice", she feels they should have opted for a "trans participant or gay couple" to make the experiment authentically interesting.
We'll just have to wait and see how the drama all plays out, and if, as the trailer suggests, love will indeed "rise".