Married at First Sight

MAFS' Tamara Joy spills the beans on the unlikely groom who hit on her right under his wife's nose

Tamara rates the men of Married at First Sight Australia.

By Sebastian van der Zwan
As our make-up artist paints Tamara Joy's pout, the Married at First Sight Australia star laps up compliments about her lips. "I pay a lot for them, so they better be good!" she laughs.
But when it comes to her personality, there's nothing fake about the Melbourne admin worker, who's refreshingly frank on her whirlwind visit to New Zealand, albeit a little ditsy. Unprompted, Tamara confesses to Woman's Day, "When I first got here, I was like, 'Can I drink the tap water?' How dumb am I?!"
Watch: Tamara reveals how she really feels about Jess. Article continues below.
During our exclusive shoot on Auckland's Mission Bay Beach, the 30-year-old has no time for her cheating groom Daniel Webb or his new love Jessika Power.
"They can get in the bin, like my wedding dress," she says. "I'm clearing out the trash. Karma is a b**!"
Kissing Dan goodbye, Tamara's got her sights set on a genuine guy.
Of the moment Jessika, 26, confessed she and former rugby player Dan, 35, got together behind her back, Tamara tells, "As a woman, I had this intuition that something shady was going on, but I didn't know about the sneaking around. I was blindsided. I had to step away before I got angry and aggressive."
However, she confesses she had doubts as soon as she laid eyes on Dan, explaining, "He's got fake teeth – that's all I could see as I walked down the aisle – and all his guests at the wedding were football boys, not a single girl. He's a total lad."
Despite rumours of her flirting with MAFS grooms Mick Gould and Nic Jovanovic, Tamara insists, "Mick and I are just friends, and we like to have a drink, but we've never hooked up.
Same with Nic, although I really like him. I would hook up with him, I reckon. Mike [Gunner] is hot too and Michael [Brunelli] is a good-looking boy, but he's loved-up with Martha [Kalifatidis]."
Sadly, she confesses the only other groom who's shown an interest in her is Billy Vincent. Tamara claims, "He hit on me at one of the dinner parties, but Susie [Bradley, his wife] was right there. I was like, 'What are you doing?!'"

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