Married at First Sight

MAFS' Tamara Joy has hooked up with the brother of a fellow MAFS bride

Talk about awkward.

If new Instagram posts are anything to go by, jilted Married at First Sight Australia bride Tamara Joy looks to be in a relationship with none other than Jessika Power's brother Rhyce.
Tamara and Rhyce have been holidaying together in Bali, looking very close indeed. Video posted to Rhyce's Instagram story shows him affectionately kissing Tamara on the cheek, with his hand intimately placed around her neck. Another clip shows him sweetly sharing his food with her at dinner.
Quick recap to explain how awkward this new relationship potentially is; Tamara found herself at the centre of a cheating scandal on the show when her 'husband' Daniel Webb started seeing Jessika Power behind her back. Cue awkward scenes when Jess and Dan's affair was exposed to the group.
Tamara didn't waste any time or energy pining for Dan. She was, however, understandably upset at the way the whole thing played out - especially after she'd asked Jess if anything was going on and Jess denied it.
Watch: Tamara and Mick react to the news of Jess and Dan's affair. Article continues below.
The 30-year-old was very diplomatic when asked how she feels about Jess, telling Now to Love "she's not someone that I would associate with on the outside world."
She was, however, upset that they were allowed to stay in the experiment together. "It goes against the whole concept," she told Woman's Day when the affair was shown on screen.
"It's an experiment about marriage and you know from your vows at the start that you're committing wholeheartedly to making it work. They both took the easy way out."
She revealed that Dan had texted her to apologise, but she'd "not heard one peep from Jess and I absolutely think I do deserve an apology."
She then offered some advice to the pair. "Be humble, be loyal and be honest. People can get hurt, but they'd rather find out sooner than later. If you'd had a bit of integrity and respect, everything would've panned out differently."
Given everything that's played out between Jess and Tamara in the past, it could cause some very awkward scenes around the family dinner table if things progress with Tamara and Rhyce.
Jessika has responded to the Instagram video - and not particularly in the kindest way.
"A lot of people want me to comment on this," she said. "My brother isn't always the smartest but I trust his judgement and I don't have any hate towards Tamara.
"They are two grown adults eating dinner. Move forward, guys, there is way more going on than some fake hate on a "reality" show."
Watch: Tamara and Rhyce on holiday together in Bali. Article continues below.
Rhys shot to notoriety after appearing on MAFS at Jess' wedding to Mick Gould, quickly making Australian tabloid headlines where he was dubbed as Jess' 'hot brother.'
The 28-year-old carpenter and aspiring model upped his profile by showing up at a few red carpet events, getting himself pictured with fellow MAFS bride Martha Kalifatidis, sparking speculation they were dating.
Martha wasn't at all happy about it, saying "he was all over me like a rash," and calling him "opportunistic" for getting himself pictured with her. He was also linked at one point to Ines Basic after they publicly flirted up a storm on Instagram.
Then in April he made headlines for all the wrong reasons when his ex-girlfriend filed an intervention order (IVO) after alleging he assaulted her while on holiday in Thailand. Rhyce appeared to deny the allegations, telling his Instagram followers "There's always two sides to every story."
Tamara and Rhyce looked very cosy while on holiday in Bali. Source: Instagram/Rhyce Power
As for Tamara, this isn't the first time she has holidayed in Bali with a new beau this year. In May she debuted her relationship with Instagram model Duccio Calamai, posting intimate photos of the pair on a Bali beach, to which Duccio commented with heart eye emojis.
When we spoke to Tamara in April after the dust had settled from Jess and Dan's affair, she told us she was looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life, and that she was single and enjoying just having some fun.
Back to back Bali holidays? She's definitely practising what she preaches.