Married at First Sight

Married At First Sight's Christopher Wilson finally gets his moment - and it's pure gold!

The producers couldn't have scripted it better!

If there's one character on Married At First Sight NZ who has often been underestimated, it's Christopher Wilson.
The oldest in the group at 55 years old, his TV wife Rose dismissed him as unsexy and too Dad-like. He didn't fit in with 'the boys', Ray and Jimmy. And even the experts, Tony and Steph, seemed a little condemning of him at times. On Sunday night's reunion dinner party episode they furrowed their brows when he arrived at the restaurant wearing jeans, a tee and leather jacket. Steph asked with concern, "Has he dressed younger tonight for Rose or for himself or for the rest of the group?"
But tonight Christopher finally got his moment - and, people, it was worth the wait.
At the reunion dinner party Ray and Jimmy were vying for a showdown with Jono. So when Jono finally broke and took a shot at Ray, it was open warfare.
The exchange between the former husbands was vicious. No one knew where to look, and if there ever had been a party atmosphere it was now well and truly ruined.
Who extinguished the battle?
Christopher, with one simple question.
To Ray he calmly asked, "Are you going to see each other again?"
When Ray replied "Probably not" Christoper then asked him, "So what's the problem?"
Ray's response, "I'm just calling him out for bullshit like I did you at the first dinner party", sounded flustered and he was then again shut down when Christopher questioned why this had to be dragged up if Ray had no intention of seeing Jono again anyway.
Christopher might not be as hip and cool as the younger cast members. He might miss a little with his jokes.
But in this moment he was boss, showing wisdom, experience and self control.
The producers could not have scripted a more dignified finale to his time on the reality TV series.
Christopher, we salute you!