Married at First Sight

MAFS' Lizzie Sobinoff has undergone an incredible weight loss transformation

The reality TV star took to social media to reveal her new look.

Married at First Sight's Lizzie Sobinoff has undergone an incredible weight loss transformation.
After the reality TV show wrapped earlier this year the unlucky-in-love MAFS bride changed her look dramatically, toning down her theatrical look by going from blonde to brunette and wearing more subtle make-up. But this latest reveal shows that she has also dropped a few dress sizes.
Lizzie had been fat-shamed by her MAFS husband Sam Ball on the reality TV show and had not seen it coming when he went on to have an affair with MAFS bride Ines Basic .
Lizzie's final message to him during the reunion dinner had had everyone cheering:
"As women, it's a hard enough time in this life, OK. It's is a hard enough time.
"We get so much thrown at us. We have men sitting there going, 'well yeh, you have to be this way, you have to look that way', otherwise, you know – I don't want a bar of it.
"We are expected to look a certain way because of men like that."
This week the reality star took to social media to show off her new look, posting an image of herself on Instagram wearing a midriff top and high-waisted pants.
She captioned it: "Today I went and visited @marianrahme over @catwalkinstyle 🖤 plenty of girl chat and playing dress ups 🖤just hanging out with my hot chocolate (with a straw of course 😉) walking around barefoot 🖤 her energy and encouragement is amazing and the fact she encourages my inner rockstar, pure respect"
Her weight loss was clear to see:
Lizzie now.
When fans asked about her "weight-loss secrets", she responded with: "Happiness and getting rid people - plus plenty of rest!"
Another fan said: "Your bod! Tell me your secrets!"
"Happiness my love," she said. Rid yourself of toxic people," she replied.
Former cast-mate, Nic Jovanovic also put his two cents in by calling her a "skinny minny", to which Lizzie gave a similar answer.
"Called happiness babe," she said.
Lizzie on Married At First Sight.
Since the show wrapped Lizzie has fallen out with her MAFS bestie, Cyrell Jimenez Paule. Cyrell was also recently involved in an altercation at a cafe, where she was verbally and physically assaulted.
While it's not clear what happened between Lizzie and Cyrell, Lizzie did pen a heartfelt post on 9 Honey about what happens when relationships "go sour".
"Going through the emotional rollercoaster that is the aftermath of Married at First Sight (MAFS), I've encountered an array of personalities, not all of them having a positive effect on me - and I've learned how to overcome the mental impact this can leave on me," she wrote.
"I always go out of my way to bring out the best version of the people in my life, treating them with respect and defending actions I might not always agree with but I'm learning this might not always lead to a successful relationship.
"When it comes to dealing with people who've have a negative, toxic impact on your mental health, whether it be through bullying, aggression or body shaming, my advice would be to disconnect."