Married at First Sight

MAFS' Jess and Dan speak out about the Telv Williams cheating rumours as damning new footage emerges

It just gets messier and messier.

It's been an extremely taxing week for Married at First Sight Australia's most controversial couple Jessika Power and Daniel Webb.
First, they basically broke up live on TV in one of the most awkward interviews ever after it was revealed that Jess had first set her sights on Nic Jovanovic before hooking up with Dan behind husband Mick Gould's back - something she'd denied to Dan all along.
Watch: Jess and Dan's dramatic fight on live television. Article continues below.
Then came Dan's shock revelation that he found out that Jess had made advances towards season 5 favourite Telv Williams.
"He [Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas," Dan told Yahoo Lifestyle in an emotional interview earlier this week.
Telv independently confirmed the incident, telling Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement "I really did have no idea whatsoever (that Jess was in a relationship)," Telv said. "Dan seems like a really good guy. I feel for him."
Pictures then emerged of Jess and Telv out together in December in their hometown of Perth, where Telv is seen with his arm around the 27-year-old beauty. But Jess hit back, denying there was anything more than friendship going on.
"Another day, another FALSE cheating allegation from someone who I thought genuinely was my friend," Jess wrote in an Instagram story post over a paparazzi picture of her and Telv.
"Telv and I caught up for a drink so he could introduce me to someone in the media we [sic] could help guide me throughout my journey on MAFS. No we did not kiss. No we did not sleep together... I have asked Telv to be clear this [sic] and admit to his lie so we can all move on and be happy famiy's [sic] again."
But in the latest development in the he said/she said saga, the Daily Mail has obtained video footage of Jess and Telv drinking champagne at her house at 3am on Christmas eve.
In a statement released to the Daily Mail, Telv said "The video was taken at 3am at her house, after we'd been drinking in Scarborough all day together. So it was not 'one drink'," he said, refuting Jess' account of their interaction.
The look on Dan's face says at all at the reunion episode as he was forced to watch footage of Jess propositioning Nic - something she'd always denied doing.
Dan admitted he was blindsided by Jess' actions, saying he "really loved the girl."
In a post to Instagram stories since the footage of Jess and Telv emerged, Dan wrote "Thank you everyone for your positive feedback I'm truly okay and I'm well and truly moved on and excited for things to come. Love you all (haters or not) you all give me good spirit."
Another post read '"Things won't always turn out the way that you have planned and envisioned and that is okay, it all has a purpose though. Don't let yourself get caught up in a ''this isn't fair'' mentality.
"Of course it's okay to be disappointed, frustrated and upset, but don't let those feelings take you off course, and stop you from seeing what is really going on.
"Feelings of disappointment won't and don't last. Don't let a few moments of disappointment stop you from a lifetime of becoming the best version of yourself (it will if you let it). Centre yourself, dust yourself off and try again,' he concluded.
Wise words from the 35-year-old father of one, who is facing potential jail time over his alleged involvement in a multi-million fraud on the Gold Coast in 2016.