Married at First Sight

MAFS' grooms Sam Ball, Bronson Norrish and Dino Hira were all in other TV shows before Married At First Sight

It seems their previous 15 minutes of fame wasn't enough for them.

You know how armchair critics pipe up every season of Married At First Sight and say that some of the show's stars are actually just actors? They may have a point this year, with three of the grooms having previously appeared on other TV shows.
Bronson Norrish showed off his strength and determination on the Australian Ninja Warrior course last year.
And Dino Hira, who like Bronson has worked as a stripper in the past, also appeared on TV last year, on an episode of First Dates.
Sam has taken an early lead role in this year's series of Married At First Sight, shocking fans by first abandoning bride Elizabeth the morning after their wedding to attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend's mother (some of his time away seemed unaccounted for) - and then starting an affair with Ines, who is married to Bronson on the controversial show.
His role in Home And Away was much smaller. He played a river boy in January 2018, donning the iconic 'Blood and Sand' tattoo.
Home and Away fans will remember that one of the main plot lines in early 2018 was the death of Kat (Pia Miller). Her grieving partner Ash (George Mason) was looking to track down her "killer" Robbo (Jake Ryan) and sought the help of the river boys.
When Dean (Patrick O'Connor) showed up to Kat's funeral with a gang of river boys in tow, Sam played one of the shirtless thugs, complete with VERY slicked hair.
Sam as a shirtless river boy in Home and Away.
Sam has also played a small role in Secret City, an Australian political thriller.
Bronson had a crack at the course on Australian Ninja Warrior - which looked incredibly challenging. You can see how he did in the video below.
Meanwhile, spiritual groom Dino Hira tried his luck at love on First Dates in 2018.
He made sure to tell his date about his 'modelling experiences' and the video below reveals that the lucky lady was actually sitting across the table from Mr Australasia!
Clearly his modelling tales weren't enough to spark a romance, though, and Dino went on to marry a stranger on reality TV.