Married at First Sight

MAFS' Cyrell Paule is expecting a baby with Love Island's Eden Dally

The pregnancy wasn't planned, however the couple is looking forward to becoming parents.

Married At First Sight Australia's Cyrell Paule is expecting a baby with her partner, former Love Island runner-up Eden Dally.
Cyrell announced the news on social media with an image of herself cradling her baby bump and Eden standing protectively behind her. She cryptically captioned the post, "When u get paid 2k to have a baby" - referring to a rumour circulating earlier this year that Eden had been paid $2000 to 'hang out' with her.
"Going to be an amazing mother ❤️," Eden commented in support.

Cyrell told New Idea that she is 12 weeks pregnant and that while the pregnancy wasn't planned they were both looking forward to becoming parents together.
Cyrell and Eden first stepped out together in March; they were spotted at a burger outlet in Sydney.
But Eden had only recently been romantically linked with MAFS' 'bad girl' Jessika Power so there was skepticism about whether their connection was real.
Cyrell set the record straight, telling Now To Love Australia in June, "You want to know the truth?
"I'm sitting at Eden's house right now. He's upstairs and half the time I'm here - his neighbours even know my car now!"
Cyrell admitted the couple had got off to a rocky start.
"But you always end up falling for the ones you least expect and you find happiness when you're not even looking for it," Cyrell explained.
"When I met him... I gotta tell you, I so did not like him," Cyrell admits. "But we kept on hanging out after that and he sort of grew on me slowly and I'm like, he's actually okaaay!"
Cyrell introduced Eden to her fiercely protective older brother, Ivan, who famously told her MAFS groom Nic Jovanovic that he was better off out of Cyrell's life and Eden has won Ivan's seal of approval.
"He really, really gets along with him [Eden]," Cyrell told NTL Australia. "So my next step is seeing how the rest of the family get along with him."
On July 28 Cyrell shared this image of the couple on social media, and now we're wondering how we missed that body language!:

Eden has formally revealed to New Weekly that the couple doesn't like to plan things.
"We just let it happen, just like this happened, our relationship."
In early June Cyrell revealed she was at the receiving end of a racist attack at a café in Shoal Bay, New South Wales. The dates suggest it would have happened just before she got pregnant.
Cyrell took to social media at the time to share her distress, saying, "So I'm a little shaken up right now, because me and Eden were about to leave Shoal Bay. We just had lunch and this lady... thought it would be hilarious while I'm walking down the street to turn around and call me a f... black…"
Eden picked up the story: "She called her a black monkey, came outside and tried to fight her. So I walked in the café and said 'what's the need to be racist and call people black monkeys?' then she grabbed Cyrell by the throat and pushed her and I had to defend Cyrell..."