Married at First Sight

The disgusting Married at First Sight boys' night that has fans outraged

In the age of #MeToo this sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable.

There's been no shortage of drama so far on this season Married at First Sight Australia. From Sam's fat shaming comments about his new wife Elizabeth, to Bronson being cautioned by expert Mel Schilling over his derogatory language towards his 'wife' Ines.
Now, we're in the middle of a cheating scandal that's about to rock the experiment once word gets out, with Sam and Ines taking their affair to a whole new level during a group trip to the Gold Coast.
But all of that pales in comparison to the rowdy boys' night that is just about to go to air.
Last season's boys' night was ratings gold for the show, with controversial groom Dean Wells sparking a wife swapping conversation that prompted many a dinner party argument once news filtered through to the wives.
No doubt hoping for a similar outcome this year, producers set up another boys' night which took place during the Gold Coast getaway. But this one went much further.
It all started with the boys grilling 34-year-old meditation coach and former stripper Dino Hira on the state of his relationship with Melissa Lucarelli.
Melissa and Dino have failed to find that "spark" in their marriage.
38-year-old Melissa had tearfully revealed during the previous commitment ceremony that she hadn't had sex for almost a decade.
As the drinks flowed and the men crowded around, talk turned to why Dino and Melissa hadn't had sex yet.
Resident relationship expert Mike "I'm not your therapist" Gunner took the lead, asking mild-mannered Dino "Are you attracted to Mel? You need to make it happen now."
"This is a girl that's not had love made to her in ten years, that's a long time," he continued.
"My prediction is if you can make sweet love to her right, I would say she's waiting for this, just strike while the iron is hot. Do you know what I mean? Be a man about it - take it," he implored.
Dino was clearly uncomfortable about the conversation.
"I don't want to just go in there and slam her down and just give it to her," Dino tried to explain, saying he was taking "baby steps."
Sam, coming off the back of his clandestine affair with Ines, told Dino to "just slam it!" Mark chimed in too, chanting "Slam her! Slam her!"
Viewers took to social media to express their outrage over the comments, labelling the behaviour "disgusting," "pack mentality" and "toxic masculinity."
Former stripper Bronson Norrish stayed quiet during the exchange, which also involved Sam giving details of how he'd repelled Elizabeth's advances towards him.
Bronson later told producers "Boys are boys. They will talk boy talk, but there is that certain line where, you know, some things you don't have to mention."
It didn't take long for the talk to turn to sex.
Melissa had joked in the previous episode that she "really needs to get slammed...get slammed a lot!" But she also admitted that she and Dino were struggling with a sexual spark between them.
It's not the first time Mike has involved himself in the sex lives of other participants. During the corresponding girls' night, 26-year-old Jessika Power revealed she felt pressured by Mike to have sex with her husband Mick Gould.
This was off the back of a conversation Mike had with her at one of the dinner parties, in which he inferred she needed to sleep with her husband sooner rather than later or else they would end up going their separate ways.
Watch: Mike encourages Jessika to have sex with Mick. Article continues below.
"It must have been what you were saying that got the ball rolling," Mick told Mike when revealed they had, in fact, consummated their marriage.
"I said that in fun to get you guys over the line, a little push in the right direction... I thought it might help," Mike responded.
It remains to be seen whether Mike's latest comments will result in Dino and Melissa taking their relationship to the next level, but something tells us this won't be the last we hear of this controversial boys' night.